Haul from Giant Chemist (Pacific Fair, Gold Coast)

OK, here it is, my final holiday haul post! I hope these have been relevant and interesting, I know most of this stuff is available in New Zealand, and also it may be of use to my international readers too.

Next up, I’ll be doing some small Black Friday hauls and I have something up my sleeve to reveal soon, I promise. Being so sick set me back a bit, but hey, I get knocked down, I get back up again – I’m fine now and ready to bounce back better than ever.


Garnier Micellar Wipes 25 pack

$3.95 AUS New Zealand RRP $8.99

After buying those horrible Biore ones (which I confess, I got used to them and have been using them up), I wanted to find something nicer and gentle, without breaking the bank. I’m late to the party with micellar water, its something I’ve wanted to try for a long time, so when I saw these for less than half retail price, I snapped them up. I’m glad I did, they were efficient at removing makeup, but gentle enough for my genuinely sensitive skin. I’d used ‘gentle Garnier wipes’ before and they were horrendous, so I took a bit of a gamble here but it paid off.

Would I buy again or recommend? Yes, and you can get them at places like The Warehouse and supermarkets so they are readily available here.


MODE Lipstick  – Daredevil

$2.95 AUS  New Zealand RRP $5

I’ve wanted to try this shade before, since its been around in New Zealand for ages, but for some reason it can be really hard to find one in stock thats unopened. I don’t know what it is about that shade! Trust me, I worked in a store with a MODE display stand and it was always that damned colour that people would open and mess up. Or just straight up steal. Australia was no different, they only had two or three, and the one I bought was the only unopened one, lucky me. This is a lovely vampy purple, reminds me of the very old Australis lipstick I just chucked out (‘Xpose’), or their current shade ‘Grunge’.

The formula is pretty average, and if you’re able to spare the extra money to buy Australis or another brand, I’d say do it.

Would I buy again or recommend? Yes, as long as you know what to expect, you aren’t going to get a M.A.C performance out of a $3 lipstick! This would be a perfect way to try out dark shades if you aren’t used to them. The only thing that pisses me off is these days you wear these colours and people call it your “Lorde look”. It’s like, um not, Lorde wears the “Artemis Look”. 😉   /s


Starfire in action …sorry for the terrible photos


LA Colors Lipsticks in Starfire and Jazzy Red

$2.95 AUS each New Zealand RRP $5

LA Colors are available from The Warehouse, usually from about $5 a piece, but I searched online and they didn’t appear to have either of these colours – I’ve never seen them before! For $2.95, I figured I’d snap them up. Both were pretty average formulas, the Starfire one wasn’t unsimilar to the Jordana Bronze I picked up the other month. I was hoping Jazzy Red, when worn with M.A.C ‘Burgundy’ lip pencil, would be the dark vampy red I’ve been dreaming of. It’s OK but far from being that. In retrospect, I should have saved my money on that one, I have enough ‘average’ reds. I have to admit though, it didn’t ‘bleed’ on me like reds usually do, so that’s a big plus.

Would I buy again or recommend? Both were fine, for $3 lipsticks. I wouldn’t highly recommend, if you have similar ones in your collection, don’t bother. If you find them easily, at a cheap price, and don’t have anything similar, then you may want to consider them.

I also visited Giant Chemist at Harbourtown and purchased Almay Eye Makeup Removing Pads (80 pack) for just $4.99 AUS, and I will be reviewing them on here later for you.

This post contains no sponsored material and I am not affiliated with any brands or stores mentioned.


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