My First Essence Haul!

For a long time now, I’ve been hearing about the brand Essence, which is still fairly new to New Zealand. With the entire range costing between $2.25 NZ – $10, this affordable brand has won the hearts of bloggers and beauty lovers alike – who can’t resist trying new products when they cost less than a cup of coffee?!

I first tried an Essence mascara from Price Wise Direct and reviewed it in August on here. Since then, I’ve been itching to try the rest of the range, and was lucky enough to be gifted a haul. Now, when I say gifted on here, please note I do mean a gift and not a PR sample, I believe in completely honest disclosure. My mum happened to have a Farmers Beauty Club voucher that was expiring, and very kindly picked up a few items for me since we don’t have Essence here yet. Recently I’ve seen atleast one popular blogger claim obvious PR samples as “gifts” and I think this is a very dishonest practice. A gift wants and expects nothing in return, and is not done for commercial purpose.

Anyway, with that said, onto the haul!


Nail Oil $4.60

The one I bought no longer seems to be on their site, I think its the older version of this.

Would I buy again or recommend? Yes, it was a very reasonable price too. I did find it quite oily (surprise, surprise, an oil being oily) and it took awhile to dry into my nails, but it wasn’t unpleasant to use. If this version isn’t available any more, I’m sure the new one will also be good, I would definitely give that a try next.


Wonderfuel Nail Polish $3.60

Would I buy again or recommend? I would, especially at that price! Two coats gave a decent coverage, a lovely shade of duochromed ‘blurple’ (blue-purple).

Do You Speak Love? Nail Polish $3.60

Would I buy again or recommend? Yes! This is a gorgeous deep red, reminding me of Revlons “Raven Red” which is now discontinued and my bottle is long finished. AND this is only a mere fraction of the price of Revlon!


Nail Correcting Pen $5.90

Would I buy again or recommend? Not too sure, to be honest. I don’t use products like this much and although its useful and seems to work well, it hasn’t quite won me over yet. The fact that it was simple enough for my young nieces to use quite easily is definitely a plus, and I can see this being useful with my lack of co-ordination/rushed manicures. Slightly more expensive than much of the Essence range, but you could hardly call it dear!

Apricotta Eyeshadow $3.60 (no photo, sorry)

Would I buy again or recommend? Yes for that price. The pigmentation wasn’t as great as I expected, but its an easily wearable colour for a low maintenance look.


All I Need Eyeshadow $3.60

Would I buy again or recommend? Same as my opinion of Apricotta, but yes, yes I would.

Bonus shot! Nails of the day featuring "Do You Speak Love?"

Bonus shot! Nails of the day featuring “Do You Speak Love?”

This post contains no sponsored material and I am not affiliated with any brands or stores mentioned. Items were purchased using Farmers Beauty Rewards points and gifted to me. 


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