Cosmetics Plus Haul (Robina, Gold Coast)

Here we have yet another holiday haul post, I swear I’m just about finished with these now! This was an exciting haul as I managed to pick up a replacement for one of my all time favourite eyeshadow quads, Revlons ‘Copper Crayon’ (now known as ‘Copper Canyon’), although sadly it has changed a bit in the 8 years or so since I got my last one.


The New Copper Canyon quad


The old ‘Copper Crayon’ quad


Copper Crayon vs Copper Canyon comparision


Copper Crayon vs Copper Canyon (back of quad)


Top = Old ‘Copper Crayon’ swatches Bottom = New ‘Copper Canyon’ swatches

Revlon Illuminance Cream Eyeshadow Quad – Copper Canyon $9.95 AUS

As I’ve said many times on here, I very rarely buy the same thing twice. However ‘Copper Canyon’ has been my go-to shadow for a long time, I find it flattering, easy to wear and apply, and always makes me look good even when I’m in a massive hurry. I’ve owned my original palette for close to 8 years now, so I’m scraping the bottom of the pan on two colours, and I think it’s time for a replacement now.

Unfortunately this was discontinued long ago, so I was delighted to find a replacement at Cosmetics Plus, and $9.95 wasn’t a bad price to pay. I’m not sure how fresh their stock will be, given that it hasn’t been manufactured in years, but its unopened and seems OK.

Would I buy again/recommend? YES! YES! YES! I also picked up ‘Eternal Summer’ for $3 at a different store, and I’ve been wearing the crap out of it lately, love it to bits.

BYS Nail Polish Remover 50 Pads (Peach) $2.95 AUS

I needed cheap nail polish removing pads while on holiday, and these were nicer than I expected with a light peach fragrance. Being a thin material, I needed to use quite a few to remove layers of dark polish but I was happy with them.

Would I buy again/recommend? Yeah if you just want a cheap, basic nail polish remover, they’re nothing special or amazing.



Fantasy Makers R.I.P Nail Polish “Once Upon A Time” $3.95 AUS

While I’m a sucker for admiring quirky or cool packaging, I’m strict on myself to not buy things just for the packaging appeal. I’ve eyed up the Fantasy Makers (by Wet n Wild) range online for quite a few years now, and I was lucky enough to find them while on holiday. I promised myself I wouldn’t buy one unless I genuinely loved it, but managed to find a shade I liked that’s also a bit unique to my collection (how often do you walk out of a shop with yet another dupe of colours you already own?!). I’ve always loved red glitter layered over black, so this ticked my boxes, offering two in one. The polish contains small and large red glitter particles, in a sheer black base. To be honest, it’s too sheer for my liking, and I strongly recommend a black base coat first. Even with three layers, you can still clearly see the nail underneath.

Would I buy again/recommend? Yes, and I wish I’d bought others in the range but I already had similar colours.

Fantasy Makers Lip Gloss “Wicked Witch” $2.95 AUS

This is a pretty, sheer black lipgloss with lots of glitter that is wearable all year round (depending on your style, of course). Now that ‘weird’ lip colours are becoming more common, theres no need to leave this just for Halloween. Looks great layered over lipstick!

Would I buy again/recommend? Yes. They had a red and a clear one too, but this was the stand-out one for me.


Ciate Nail Polish “Heirloom” $9.95 AUS

This colour is so unusual and gorgeous! Its a duochrome, red and gold with a lot going on in it, very complex and different. I needed three coats to achieve a good opacity, as it is very sheer, but the colour is incredible once you manage to build it up.

Would I buy again/recommend? Yes, if you can find it and especially if you get a good deal.

Just about caught up on my holiday purchases now, then hopefully I’ll have some Black Friday hauls in the not too distant future…plus hopefully can reveal something I’ve been working on!

I am not affiliated with any brands or stores mentioned in this post, and did not receive any compensation for writing this piece. 


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