K-Mart Haul (Southport, Gold Coast)

Recently my husband, baby and I took a trip to the Gold Coast with my in-laws, which was pretty cool.

I’ve been very sick lately and haven’t been able to post my hauls and reviews from the trip, so I am slowly catching up on things now, and have much to share. The dollar seemed pretty good, got tons of beauty bargains!


Argan Hair Treatment $2 AUS

When it comes to hair, I tend to splurge more than I would in other areas, due to having difficult, high maintenance hair. However, I can never go past a bargain, and in my recent trip to Australia, I picked up a 200ml pouch of this treatment for just $2. After being sick for ages recently, my hair had turned to crap, so I thought I’d pull this out and give it a try, as my hair was even more knotty, frizzy and dry than usual. I applied it very thickly since I have so much hair, after shampooing, and let it sink then. I then rinsed it out and wow, was I impressed at how much difference one application made. My hair was more manageable, less knotty and smoother, it felt great! The smell is pretty generic, and it is far from being a luxury product, but it does the job.

Would I buy again or recommend? Yes. It’s not a substitute for high end products but offers such good value at that price, I wish I’d bought more.


Vanilla Orchid Perfume Spray $3 AUS

Made especially for KMart Australia, no branding on it. This is stronger than I expected for a cheap perfume, but not unpleasant. Definitely much heavier than the Impulse ‘Vanilla Kisses’ I’m trying to replace, and I wouldn’t say I smell orchid notes either, but for the price it was worth it. I sprayed a small amount on my clothes and another small spray on my skin, and it lasted a few hours before fading away. It isn’t a “cheap and nasty” or an overpowering scent, and if all else fails and you really don’t like it, do what I do with scents I can’t/won’t use and put it in the toilet.

I would say be careful if you do use it as a purse spray as it looks like it would break very easily, and would absolutely ruin your bag. Too much of this perfume would go a loooong way.

Would I buy again or recommend? Yes, I wouldn’t spend a lot on it, but $3 AUS was reasonable.

Peach Body Mist $4 AUS

This is a light, pretty scent, perfect for summer especially if you love fruity smells. You WILL smell like peach! The smell doesn’t last long, but it gives a refreshing spritz which works well on skin or clothing. I might keep this in the fridge in summer and use as a cooling spray too.

Like the vanilla spray, this was manufactured for K-Mart, and not available elsewhere.

Would I buy again or recommend?  Yes! 🙂 I liked this better than the Vanilla one, and it was good value for money, getting a huge 200ml bottle for $4 AUS, will last me for ages.

All items were purchased with my own money, and no compensation was given for this post. I am not affiliated with any brands or stores mentioned, and all opinions are honest and my own.


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