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I have been very sick with a viral bug, spent a week in bed and a whole day doing nothing but throwing up, it was awful. I am still in the process of recovering, so please bear with me, I have lots to post but I’m a bit slow right now.


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Jordana Bronze Lipstick and Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Review

Recently I ventured out to Blenheim Square, which despite its name is not in Blenheim but in Christchurch šŸ˜‰ (on Blenheim Rd, who would’ve guessed!). I tried to convince myself my main purpose was to go to the Mad Butcher, but lets face it – I just wanted a trip to Kosco! There are quite a few shops out there, it really is worth the quick/cheap bus trip (if you do a return trip within 2 hours, you only need to pay for one way). Apart from the butcher, theres a video store, liquor store, Childrens Bookshop, Couplands Bakery, fruit/veg store, and my favourites – the dollar store/Kosco (they are part of the same shop). I also recently found a Middle Eastern food shop/butchery (Mefco) which I’m quite excited about, given my heritage and my taste for exotic food and decent meat.


While at the dollar store, I found a small selection of Jordana makeup, and managed to scoop up a ‘Semi-Permanent Eyeliner’ for $2, and a lipstick for $3. I’ve previously reviewed the purple eyeliner and wasn’t that thrilled with it, but for $2, I don’t mind. I haven’t used a Jordana lipstick in years, but they’ve recently gained popularity online, and for $3, I figuredĀ it would be worth a try. I picked up ‘Bronze’ this time (despite it not being bronze, but more coppery), and am thinking about ‘Cranberry Mix’. They had a limited selection there, so I’ll have to keep an eye out for more.


Putting my new makeup to the test, I didn’t expect too much. I wore them both on the same day as they complement each other well enough, with just simple black eyeliner on the bottom and the ‘semi-permanent’ liner on top. Oh, and did I mention I did my makeup on the bus (the swatches are from the second time I applied it, which was not on the bus)?! I was critical of my previous ‘semi-permanent’ liner being too watery, and the brush is very thin, but on the plus side it makes it quite forgiving and easy to use. If you make a mistake, its easy to wipe it off or blend it in, making it perfect for bus-time application!



The lipstick reminded me very much of Elizabeth Ardens ‘Cabana’, which I got a very, very long time ago. Actually, lets forget how long ago it was, as I should definitely throw it away by now. Oh well. I was surprised how well this wore, lasting through eating and drinking for a few hours, which is very unusual for me. My only two gripes, and they areĀ small one,s is the name ‘Bronze’ when the colour is far more copper, as I stated earlier. I have one by No 7 which really is bronze and there is a huge difference in colour, you can’t compare them! I also think this would be a hard colour to match with lipliner, but luckily I have ‘No Bleeding Lips’, which is a clear lipliner to use with absolutely anything so I can get away with it. The other thing is the packaging – this is one of those lipsticks that will tend to get lost in your handbag and the lid will fall off!

I am definitely happy with my purchases especially for the price I paid, and I would buy again and recommend, especially if you can find them locally and not have to order from overseas. If you desperately want to try the Semi-Permanent Eyeliner, Beauty Joint has green and silver in stock, and they also have a range of Jordana lipsticks, including Bronze.

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