My $3.50 Mini-Haul from The Warehouse

I’m not sure if there’s a minimum as to what would quantify a ‘mini-haul’, but this is incredibly small and cheap, even by my standards! I can never resist a good trip to The Warehouse, and my Fathers Day gift-finding mission took me there the other day. You know when you buy someone a present (a DVD my husband has been trying to track down for YEARS that I had to order from England) and it doesn’t arrive on time (my fault!) so you go buy them something to tide them over til it gets here. So last week, I found a Batman Fathers Day mug to add to our ever-growing collection of Batmanobilia (is that a word? did I just make that a word?). I also bought a $1 can of Cherry 7-Up, but I’m not including that in the haul either.

So, what did this “mini-haul” entail, exactly? Nothing too exciting.


Cameo Glass Nail File –  47 cents

Yes, seriously, 47 cents. It still had the old $3.97 price sticker on it, so if you see one at your local Warehouse just get them to check. They had some Cameo hair accessories at the same price too. I couldn’t find them on their website, so it may just be an instore special, you might need to see what your store has.

Biore Gentle Makeup Remover Wipes (25 pack) – $2.97

These contained Green Tea, which did make me wonder if they’d react with my sensitive skin. Unfortunately, they did, hurting my eyes immediately after using them. My eyes settled down quickly, and there was no redness or anything, and they seemed to do an OK job of removing my quite heavy makeup. I probably won’t personally use them again, but if you don’t have sensitive skin you might want to try them at that price. It’s definitely a fantastic saving, but not worth it if you have a reaction to them. Should’ve just bought another 3 cans of Cherry 7-UP.

UPDATE : I’ve used these a few times now, couldn’t help myself until I get a replacement, and although they do sting slightly at first, they have no adverse effects and do work well, so although I won’t buy again, I will use them until I get something better.


I have no affiliation with The Warehouse or any brands stated in this post, all items were purchased by myself at the stated prices, and I do not receive any compensation of any kind for this post.


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