August Empties

Spring is here!

And Lewis Rd Creamery milk has finally arrived down in the South Island. After developing a taste for their delicious chocolate milk when I lived in the North, I’ve really missed it! Anyway, as you can see by my photo, today I got my hands on the new Vanilla flavour, it was all they had left. It tasted exactly like eggnog, which was nice but definitely not as good as the original chocolate one. Looking forward to the coffee one when I can find it.


On another off-topic note, I have been quite sick of late with a “mystery illness”. We finally have some answers, it’s a case of mastitis (breast infection) which has spread quite quickly through my body, leaving me ill and exhausted. So I am on antibiotics, and am on the mend now 🙂

Now, on to the empties!


Ecostore Baby Sleepytime Bath $7 RRP

Ok, I’m cheating a bit, this was my sons. I’m putting it in here though as I think some of you would actually use it on yourselves, if you like a gentle, relaxing, lavender scented bath.

Would I purchase again or recommend? We did repurchase it but won’t again. It was nice enough but hard to tell if it makes a difference to my babies sleep – he slept fine without it anyway! Does make the bath and body smell lovely though.

Nutrimetics Makeup Removing Wipes $7 RRP

I had a friend selling Nutrimetics so ordered a few things to give her some support. Makeup wipes are always handy! These were good, gentle enough for my sensitive skin, they did the job fine.

Would I purchase again or recommend? There’s nothing special or exciting about them, but they do what you want them to do, and are fine for quite delicate skin, so yes I would buy again and recommend to others. Just a bit of a pain you have to order from Nutrimetics and can’t just buy in a shop!

KAMA Shower Gel $15 RRP

International readers, you are missing out! Think this can only be purchased in New Zealand. This is something of a cult product, and you’ll either love or hate it. For me, it’s a real favourite of mine – a strong, sensual, exotic fragrance, it has that “New Age shop” smell. You can buy it as a perfume oil, cream perfume, deodorant, or shower gel – perfect for layering! The shower gel has ingredients that are fine for my skin, and the gel leaves a faint trance of the gorgeous scent on my skin. I find it a luxurious treat to use in the shower.

Would I purchase again or recommend? Yes, of course! I don’t buy the same thing often but I’ve used up many of these, and often get them as gifts because people know its a favourite of mine and something I can use. The fragrance isn’t for everyone though, so your mileage may definitely vary.


The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream SPF15+ $24 for 100ml, or $13 for 30ml. I bought my 30ml tube at a Big Bucket sale for $9. 

This is a lovely, rich hand cream, perfect for winter! If you love the smell of roses, you will definitely need to give this a try. This cream is great for slightly dry skin, unfortunately I have had contact dermatitis on my hands over winter, made worse by the fact that our dishwasher broke and I’ve had to wash dishes by hand (worlds smallest violin is playing just for me, I know), so this cream wasn’t really suitable for that. LOVED the scent though.

Would I purchase again or recommend? I would purchase as a gift, or if my hands were just a bit dry and not so cracked as they are now. Would recommend to anyone who loves rose – not much point if you don’t!

Mizon Original Skin Energy Placenta 45 sample (free with my Rose Rose Shop order)

This was a weird product. I opened the tiny packet, planning to just use it across my forehead (I’m not that concerned about wrinkles, but as I approach 30, I can’t deny they are appearing in places). There was absolutely fuck-all in the packet, so I’m glad I don’t have a Luke Perry-esque forehead. The texture was bland, I tried photographing it but there was nothing to show. I could hardly feel it on my skin, and really it was completely pointless! I’d have to try a bigger sample to get an idea of how I feel about it, I’m not saying it’s a bad product, just that I didn’t get a feel for it at all.

Would I purchase again or recommend? No!

Dermalab Super Hydrating Cream $15 RRP

Meh. This is a very average moisturiser, branded as something more expensive than it should be. It’s an OK product, don’t get me wrong, but there are cheaper things that are just as good. In fact, a boring old cream from your dr will do the same job better and cheaper! Save your money on this one.

Would I purchase again or recommend? Only if you found it super cheap.

OPI Mini Polish – Mariah Carey Liquid Sand “Can’t Let Go”. Not for sale seperately, but I paid $24 for the set of 4 minis at a Big Bucket Sale. 

I’m not a big fan of liquid sand, especially when it comes to removing it! The colour was too light for me, I’d end up layering it over a darker purple and building up it’s opacity. To me, it felt a bit childish and tacky, rather than luxurious and opulent like I’d expect from OPI.

Would I purchase again or recommend? No

EOS Lip Balm – Strawberry Sorbet $8.50 at Marthas Backyard, also available in Big Bucket sales, etc. 

I wanted to order a stash of American lollies so thought I’d make my purchase worthwhile by adding on something “practical”. The service from Marthas Backyard was great, very quick and efficient and I loved my delicious treats.

I liked the smell and texture of the EOS lip balm, but found the round shape a pain in the ass to be quite honest. I have also heard horrible things about these developing mould! When it gets right down to the bottom, it’s pretty much impossible to use too. The cute packaging is a novelty, but ultimately I find it kind of annoying.

Would I purchase again or recommend? I wouldn’t purchase again for myself as I’ve found other balms I prefer (Notoriously Morbid Coffin Kissers!), but I know other people swear by these, so I do think you should give them a try.

Not pictured : a few samples of Too Cool for School Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack, and Pumpkin Sleeping pack which I previously reviewed.

No affiliate links have been used in this post. All items were purchased by myself, with the exception of the Mizon Placenta sample (free sample with a Rose Rose Shop order), and the KAMA shower gel which was a gift from my sister-in-law). 


5 thoughts on “August Empties

  1. ExpatAJ says:

    I got to try the Lewis Rd Choco Milk when I was home in NZ for a holiday recently. It was on my list of things to do as soon as I knew I was going. Yum, very delicious. I’m a big fan of choco milk and love trying new brands.

    • Artemis says:

      You can buy it in lots of pharmacies and ‘New Age’/alternative shops (Cosmic Corner sells it), you can also buy directly from them –, and I’ve seen it on Trademe too (brand new, I mean). Its usually about $15. 🙂 It really is lovely, and its a big bottle too, lasts ages and leaves your skin smelling gorgeous.

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