RoseRose Shop – August Haul And Giveaway

i’ve been looking forward to doing another order from Rose Rose Shop for some time now, and having a dry face in winter was the perfect excuse to try some new things! I’m still loving my Tony Moly Banana Sleeping Pack, but don’t think it has too much more left. So with a sale on last month, I thought this was the perfect chance to buy a few things. I decided to buy sample sizes to get the chance to try more and spread my money further – and who can resist those cute little packets!


I’ll be honest…this isn’t a real unboxing photo, I’d already burst into it and tried a few samples before I could even get a picture.

Too Cool For School – Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack (10 sample sachets)


I really enjoyed this product. My taste leans towards the macabre, and although the concept is gimmicky, I couldn’t resist. The sachets are small, about enough for one application, and are a strange triangular shape. You can just make out in the picture the gel like texture, it has a slightly reddish colour too, like a diluted raspberry jam. I liked the smell, but your mileage may vary, it reminded me of Avon catalogs in the 90’s, and I mean that in a positive light.

My skin is super dry, eczema-prone and sensitive, and I did wonder if the gel texture might make my skin tighten, but it didn’t. I felt refreshed and moist, even after just one short use.

The ‘Fresh Gore’ component comes from the dragons blood resin extract used in the formula, as well as asthaxanthin. The Too Cool for School website has some helpful information in English, which is unusual for Korean products and very useful.

The Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack is also available in a 100gm size.

Would I buy again or recommend? Definitely! One of my favourite products in awhile. Something different, and works well, I enjoyed using it. I just wish I bought MORE.

Too Cool For School – Pumpkin Sleeping Pack (10 sample sachets)

I do try not to give into cute packaging, really I do. But I don’t always succeed! At the moment, I’m all about sleeping packs so I’ll try anything, and that adorable wee sleepy pumpkin sealed the deal. I was curious as to what a pumpkiny smell would entail, but instead it reminded me more of Lynx or something similar, quite a sexy (in my opinion, lol) masculine fragrance. It’s not at all what you expect, but personally I liked it although its a weird thing to slather all over your face.

According to Too Cool for Schools site, it contains Pumpkin Fermentation extract as well as other active ingredients, hence the ‘pumpkin’ name. You can just see in the photo – sorry, its not very clear, that it is a light, creamy texture, not too heavy on the skin. It felt smooth, and made my skin moist. I honestly can’t decide which I liked best between this and the Fresh Gore pack, they are both quite different but I enjoyed them equally.

You can also buy it in a 100ml tube, from RoseRose Shop or W2Beauty.

Would I buy again or recommend? Yes, I just can’t decide which sleeping pack I liked the best

RiRe Lip Manicure – Wine Burgundy

rire2 rire1

This is actually more red and less brown than in the photo. I will do some swatches and more info in a separate post, I think, to give you a good look at the colour. This was on a great price reduction, 70% off, but I think the RiRe brand are pretty much permanently on that special anyway. I certainly don’t think it’s worth the original $13 US price tag, but I paid around $5, and I’m happy enough with that.

This had a cute little brush and I love the little pottle, although it’s an awkward size for storing. I found the formula a bit dry, but nowhere near as dry as I expected – everything goes dry on me, so it’s something I’m used to. The colour lasted well, so the dryness is definitely forgivable!

I’ll update this post when I get around to doing a more detailed post on this product.


And they gave me free samples, yay! I will review the Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack soon, and the Good Cera samples will be included in my August giveaway of Korean skincare samples.

I am hosting a giveaway, so you can try your own samples of Fresh Gore and Pumpkin Sleeping Packs, as well as a few other Korean beauty samples – enter on the Rafflecopter page here. New Zealanders only, I’m sorry!

This is an honest review, written from my experiences with RoseRose Shop. I have no affiliation with them at all, and do not receive any compensation. All items were purchased with my own money apart from the free samples which I have clearly specified. The W2Beauty links are affiliate links.

Please seek medical advice before using any skincare products recommended on this blog if you have any skin conditions. I am not a medical professional, and do not take any responsibility for anyone taking my recommendations, my blog is intended as opinion only. These are cosmetic products and not recommended as medical treatments. 


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