Notoriously Morbid – My First Haul (with swatches)! Part 2

Way back in December, I purchased a bloggers pack and a few other goodies from Notoriously Morbid, a USA based indie makeup company. I have reviewed some of them back in May, and this is my review of the remainder of my NM collection. Initially, the Coffin Kisser lipbalm was forgotten from my order, but Carrie very quickly mailed it out to me, and generously included lots of extra samples.

As with the first package I received, I was very impressed with the quality, speed, price and the standard of customer service. Customer service is incredibly important to me, and I am quick to boycott companies who offer poor service or deceive customers, so it makes me happy to be able to support companies who are worth it. I don’t have a huge amount of money, so where I spend it means a lot.

Read Part 1 of my review here, and I will post Part 3 at some stage in the near future.

Coffin Kisser “Sam’s Strawberry Mousse”



I had heard good things about Notoriously Morbid’s lip balms, “Coffin Kissers” and I don’t use a lot of lipbalm but when I do, I prefer natural balms with nurturing ingredients that don’t dry out your lips. Coffin Kissers have a great formula, and come in a wide range of delicious flavours. I chose ‘Sam’s Strawberry Mousse, inspired by the TV series Supernatural, and absolutely love it. I even convinced my husband to try it, since its clear and neutral. Sorry, my photo shows it pink tinged because I often wear it with lipstick so mine is a bit grubby now!

Morbid Mistakes ‘Gothicurious’ (not available to purchase)



This was a freebie, and while I do like it, it’s not as good as their other stuff. On me, atleast, I find it quite smudgy and patchy, and doesn’t give a strong, pigmented finish like other NM shadows. However, as a ‘Morbid Mistake’, I imagine that’s why it hasn’t made the final cut to being an actual NM product. You may find this in destashes but I imagine it’s probably quite rare.

Kilgharrah (discontinued, no longer on their site)


This is one of my most commonly used NM shadows, and a real favourite of mine. I have a weakness for golden greens and this is just lovely, and very flattering to my dark green eyes too. If you see it in a destash, pick it up!

JEM Eyeshadow from Jan 2015’s Vanishing Cabinet Collection “Pureheart” (no longer available)

jemeyejemeye2  jemeye3 jemeye4

I shouldn’t tempt you, but I thought I’d show pictures of Pureheart in action, incase you should find it in a destash. I’m a purple lover but in all honesty I just wasn’t feeling it with this one, it fades on me very quickly and didn’t give an even, vibrant colour. However, Carrie actually included this for me, full size, for free in my order so I’m certainly not complaining. 🙂 I think a coat of primer underneath would give it the boost it needs.

Also, am I the only almost-30 who is unenthused about JEM? I feel like I’m failing at being a ’90’s kid’ by admitting it, but I’m just not feeling the love. (Barbie and the Rockstars on the other hand…).

Third and final installment coming fairly soon, I promise! Since I made my purchase, there have been so many gorgeous new things added to Notoriously Morbids website,

I purchased these with my own money, as stated earlier I did receive the ‘Bloggers Pack’. All freebies have been clearly disclosed, and I am not affiliated with NM in any way. 


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