Pricewise Direct – My First Haul!


Lately I’ve been bleating on a bit about the site Beauty Review. Anyway, I’ve been having trouble finding Essence Cosmetics here in Christchurch, and one of the girls on there pointed me in the direction of Price Wise Direct. Well, there goes all my spending cash! ;P Actually I showed pretty good restraint, and only purchased the mascara this time.

They offer free shipping if you spend $20, and I managed to find two divine shower gels for sensitive skin, an Oral B Toothpaste for 50 cents (sounds a bit dodgy, but I do trust the brand), and Hippo Dehumidifying Sachets (our hot water cupboard leaked recently and we have rotting carpet in there, how lovely is that – not. These won’t fix it but anything will help in the meantime til it gets replaced).pricehaul

I was impressed how quickly it shipped – arrived within 2 days, not bad especially from Auckland to South Island, and for free! It was packaged well, the toothpaste box was a bit dented but otherwise everything was perfect. Not a leaky shower gel in sight. I will definitely be ordering again.

Here’s the breakdown of what I ordered:

essence get BIG! lashes volume boost mascara × 1 $5.20
ECO.Body Wash Green Apple + Aloe Vera 500ml × 1 $6.99
ECO.Body Wash Tropical Mango + Argan Oil 500ml × 1 $6.99
Oral B Toothpaste 1.2.3 Fresh Mint Gel 105G × 1 $0.50
Hippo Helps Prevent Mould and Mildew 4 x 2 Packs 280g Net× 1 $2.99


The shower gels were great for that price, I have skin issues, and they were gentle enough for me to use (see ingredients pictured). The apple one was amazing, smelt just like Tangy Apples. The mango/argan oil one was nice too but the mango smell was quite diluted, reminded me a bit of the Mango Orange Beroccas, which I do like but they aren’t mangoey enough. I’d never heard of the brand before, but I enjoyed using them both and would definitely recommend. They had a few other scents to choose from too.


The Essence Mascara was just $5.20 (weird amount!) and I’m glad I bought it. Let me humble-brag about my first world problems here and say, I do have naturally nice thick black lashes, and a lot of mascaras just make my eyes look worse. I liked the wand on this, large and easy to use, and I was impressed that it did make a positive difference to my lashes, they weren’t clumpy but just looked even bigger and blacker. Would definitely recommend, especially at such a cheap price!

Can’t wait to order from Price Wise Direct again, had a really positive experience and enjoyed my order.

I did not receive any compensation for this post, and am not affiliated with any places or brands mentioned. I do get 50 Beauty Rewards points if you sign up to Beauty Review using my link, and I do recommend it as it is genuinely a site I enjoy and get a lot out of. 


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