Eyes of The Day – Femme Fatale on A Wednesday

Just a quick little post today! I wore an old favourite which I hadn’t worn in a long time, and thought I’d share.

“Flowers from Flames” by Femme Fatale is a rather unique orange with lots of sparkle and interesting duochrome, I thought it was discontinued but luckily I’m wrong! I put a little of Femme Fatales “Deepmoss” at the edges on a whim, and I liked how it turned out.

Please excuse my shoddy application, I’m terrible at the best of times, and I was hurridly rushing out the door with my little one so didn’t bother with any brushes today.



If you are interested in seeing swatches of my other Femme Fatale shadows, please read my guest post on Toxid Lotus blog.

Usually I’m all about the dark and gloomy, but as I’ve said here before, when I do colour I do it BOLD. I wore this with orange nail polish (which I’m about to take off as its awfully chipped, its a cheap MIKI one and I love the colour but it doesn’t last well on me), an orange skirt I bought from a kids clothing shop when I was 16, a long black tshirt, black lace cardigan, and a lightweight black coat with buckles on it. Maybe not the most stylish look but I was happy with it (I got hooted at too, someone must have liked it, lol).

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!

If you want to get your hands on a free eyeshadow brush so your makeup can be tidier than mine, head over to my giveaway page, I have one to giveaway to a New Zealand reader this month.


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