Ro Vie Review – Pinkabelle Blush, Brazen Eyeshadow and Vixen Lipgloss!

I was delighted to win a lovely set from Ro Vie as a prize in December from the wonderful site Beauty Review! I had previously used their Chocolate Lime eyeshadow which I really liked so was keen to try some different things from this excellent NZ brand. As I’ve mentioned many times, I love supporting NZ and cruelty-free brands, so I was looking forward to trying these products and reviewing them for you on here.


Beauty Review sent me a sweet little pack to try. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what I got as the sizes aren’t labelled – I’m assuming the blush and eyeshadow are sample sizes, and the lip gloss is full size? The lip gloss isn’t labelled at all, but I figured out it’s Vixen. I was a bit disappointed at the lack of labelling since I would have liked to have known the colour and ingredients, but it wasn’t a huge deal – I was easily able to look them up, and it was a freebie anyway so I can hardly gripe about that. It came beautifully packaged in a cute box and was a pleasure to open (“Why is it in a guinea pig box?”, my smart-ass husband asked. “Um, have you ever seen a guinea pig that small?!”, I replied). Seriously, I did love the packaging! I thought a business card or some branded stickers etc could have also added a nice touch, but that’s just my two cents.


My “Photography Assistant” samples the merchandise

Anyway, the products were fantastic! I received Pinkabelle blush, Brazen eyeshadow and Vixen lipgloss. I loved the look of Brazen – I’m not at all a pink girl so was hesitant at first about the others. I was determined to give everything a fair go though, and I’m glad I did. Everything was good quality, enjoyable to use, and looked great.

Pinkabelle Blush – I literally never wear blush, this is the only one I own (I don’t wear foundation so I never really see a need for it. That and I like to look unhealthily pale, so a pink, pretty, healthy glow isn’t the look I usually go for). I’m happy to have had the chance to try it though, as I was thinking with my new Baviphat CC Cream that I probably do need a touch of it. I found it difficult to use in the sample jar with sifter that I received, it didn’t come out very easily. However, once I got some out, I thought it was nice to use. The blush was a subtle colour and blended easily, giving me a very natural look. If I wore blush more regularly, I could see myself building up the colour to be a stronger pink, but I didn’t want to over do it. I wore it over Welcos Killing Me Zombie BB Cream/Etude House Secret Beam Powder Pact and it helped pinken the yellowish tone that I sort of get from that makeup. I think this will be the perfect complement to the Asian makeup products I’ve been addicted to of late.



Brazen Eyeshadow – this was the perfect colour for me! I love coppery coloured shadows, and since my Revlon Copper Canyon palette is wearing very thin (I’ve hit pan so deep I can practically see my face in it), I’ve been looking for a good replacement product. I build it up and apply heavily to give a deep, strong colour.




Vixen Lipgloss – not too sticky, and mildly peppermint scented, this won’t convert me to being a pink lipgloss wearer, but I do use it layered over lipstick – looks quite cool over black to make it more wearable. I found the squeeze tube made it clean and easy to apply. I’d love to try the shade Goddess!



Having just checked out their site, I’ve seen some gorgeous new things I am now eyeing up – you might just see another Ro Vie review from me soon. I am also pleased to say that Ro Vie are officially cruelty-free, which is absolutely awesome ❤

This was received as a prize from Beauty Review. By clicking my link, and signing up for free, I receive 50 Beauty Points. Thank you to my 9 1/2 month old son for lending me his play mat for background photos and ‘assisting’ with product photography 🙂


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