Make a Nail Polish Keyring – Tutorial

Something a little different I thought I’d share with you today! If you’ve got any old promotional keyrings etc lying around at home, why not turn them into something pretty. The zip on my handbag broke, and I thought I’d transform a dull old freebie keychain into a bag accessory to attach to the zip.

I used Revlon ‘Knockout’ black nail polish for this, but any will do. You might end up using quite a lot of it though, depending on its opacity. First I painted one side with a thick coat, which dried pretty quickly. Then I painted the other side, until no traces of the original design were left. Try to apply the polish as smoothly as possible, as when it dries, you’ll notice whether its even or not! And don’t start one side until the other is COMPLETELY dry of course.


Once you have covered both sides, time to apply a top coat. Maybe some glitter, or one of those crackle nail polishes that, let’s admit it, we probably all have lying around. You could add some nail stickers, gems, just whatever you have lying around for a bit of extra visual interest too. For mine, I used OPI Shatter “Super Bass” from the Nicki Minaj Collection. I couldn’t find my clear top coat so I used BYS ‘Illusion Shaker’, which is a very sheer green/glitter, which looks great with that particular shatter colour.



Finally, I tidied up the edges and messy bits, the piece around the top was tricky to paint and needed several goes. Now, it’s pretty much ready to use! I will have a look in my crafty bits and pieces to find a finishing touch, either a stick on ‘crystal’ or a cabochon of some kind.

Next week I’ll be back to the regular makeup/skin stuff, but I thought something different could be fun. I do have another similar tutorial I may share at some stage too. Enjoy!

What do you do with excess nail polishes/nail polishes you aren’t using? Anything fun and creative? I’d love to see!


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