Mizon Intensive Skin Barrier Eye Cream Pack – First Impressions!

Are you sick of me talking about my last RoseRose Shop haul yet?!  (See my reviews for Etude House Nail Polish, Holika Holika Lip Attention and CosRX samples). Just a few more things left to talk about…then I’ll need to get shopping again, I guess!


I tried a 2ml foil sachet sample of “Mizon Intensive Skin Barrier Eye Cream Pack“, which isn’t enough to give a detailed opinion of it, but I got a few decent uses out of it. I liked the smell, which was lemony and reminded me a bit of the ‘Returning Starfish Cream‘ scent, and the texture was thick and creamy, and felt very hydrating.


Often my skin starts to tingle or hurt in the first few seconds of applying a new cream, but I didn’t have any problems with this cream at all. Unfortunately I can’t tell if it’s actually done anything or not,  since I’ve only applied it a few times, but I give it positive feedback so far, and would give it another go.

One thing about it is I couldn’t find any information online in English about how to apply an ‘eye pack’ rather than a typical eye cream. I applied it thickly, and let it set in, like a mask. If anyone has advice on how to use it more effectively, I’d love to hear from you!

These were received as a free sample in my RoseRose Shop order (which I paid full price for). I am not in any way affiliated with Rose Rose Shop and did not receive any compensation for this post. 


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