IHerb – my first haul!

A long, long time ago (February, actually), I made my first order from Iherb. I hate paying international shipping, which is what put me off for awhile, but its actually quite reasonable, and you save so much its worth it. I was planning to buy my sister a tin of Harney and Sons Chocolate Mint Tea, and it was cheaper to buy from Iherb (AND pay shipping) then to buy it locally in stores. I also bought her an ELF Matte Lip Stick (Rich Red), which she said is a nice colour and lovely to use (sorry, I can’t give you a swatch!). I figured since I was ordering stuff anyway, might as well put in a few extra things for myself – was hard to limit myself, but moving across the country is an expensive process, so I had to reign myself in.

I settled for E.L.F Eyelid Primer (Pearl), and E.L.F Shimmer Face (Gold). I don’t use highlighters or primers much, and want to experiment more with them. Unfortunately I didn’t keep track of how long the order took, but it was well packaged and arrived promptly to New Zealand. Everything was in excellent condition, and the tea was fresh with a good expiry date. I was really happy with what I ordered, and the service, and will definitely be ordering again – hopefully soon!



E.L.F Eyelid Primer (Pearl) :

This glides smoothly onto my eyes, doesn’t irritate and makes my eyeshadows more vibrant and last longer. For the price I paid, I think it was definitely worth it! You can sometimes find E.L.F in stores here in NZ, but the selection is often limited, and they can be quite over priced. This was something like $4 NZ including shipping, I think. It won’t give the expensive brands a run for their money, but it’s definitely worth considering if you have a limited makeup budget like I do!

elfgold elfgold2

E.L.F Shimmer Face (Gold):

Like the primer, it was worth the small price I paid, probably around $4 NZ including shipping. I’m still new to the whole highlighter game, and I know I could be better at it. I probably should have got the pink shade instead, I feel a bit too ‘yellow’ if I apply this too heavy handedly. I use my own beloved set of Bossy brushes to apply rather than the little brush included, which gives a much nicer coverage. Honestly, the brush in it reminds me of the makeup sets you get when you’re a kid! You get a very generous amount of product, and I think if you like a bronzed, healthy, glowing look this would work well for you. As you know if you’ve read my blog before, I’m trying to get the pale look, so this isn’t an ideal product. I do use it occasionally, but it’s not the ideal product for me.

Please note this post contains affiliate links. If you visit Iherb through my link, you don’t pay any extra but I get a small cut towards my blog which would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 🙂 The Bossy brushes were a PR sample but are genuinely loved, and I do not receive any compensation from Bossy for continuing to endorse their brushes. 


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