Etude House Nail Polish – Cherry Ganache – Swatches and Review!

Third haul from RoseRose Shop!

Third haul from RoseRose Shop!

My third order from RoseRoseShop arrived this week – really quick service! I bought Etude House Nail Polish from the Give Me Chocolate Range in the colour ‘Cherry Ganache’, and Holika Holika’s Pro Lip Attention in ‘Bad Girl’. Plus they sent 5 sample sachets too! I know people say RRS aren’t generous with samples, but seeing my total was less than $16US, I’m happy with 5 free sachets – better than nothing! I’ll review these for you eventually too.


I was thrilled to get my hands on this – partly because the Give Me Chocolate range is limited and not readily available now, and I am quite partial to chocolate. I also “need” more brown nail polishes 😉 I chose Cherry Ganache as it looked like an auburn, red-brown but I was a bit disappointed. The colour is very much a ‘milk chocolate’ brown, no red to it at all. I checked the label, and DID receive the right colour though. Its a bland, neutral shade, something you might wear to a corporate job interview – not something I’d generally buy.

The nail polish even SMELLS like chocolate, which might be a plus to some people, personally I don’t like the idea of encouraging people to smell nail polish. It does make it more pleasant than some nasty-chemical smelling polishes out there. I haven’t been able to get an ingredients list, and am pretty sure this is not 3-free/5-free/cruelty free.nail3nail4

This applied smoothly, but needed atleast two coats. It looked good after two, but a third finished it off. I didn’t use base/top coat, and that was a bad decision, as it chipped badly before 24 hours had even passed, actually it kind of peeled off, like those nail polishes I used to have when I was very young (DAE Jelly Bean Generation, twenty years ago? Just me? OK). Next time, I will spend more time applying it more carefully and hopefully it will last longer. I do have quite flexible nails though, so your results may vary, I have yet to find the perfect nail polish that actually lasts on me.


Please excuse the messy application! But atleast you get an idea of the colour. This is straight after applying three coats. No base/top coat.

Would I recommend to others? Yes, if you’re looking for a neutral, basic brown nail polish and can get it at a reasonable price.

Would I buy again? Probably not. It didn’t cost me much, and fills a gap in my collection, so no regrets, but I would have preferred the more auburn shade I thought I was getting.

These products were purchased with my own money, and no compensation was given for this post. I have no affiliation with RoseRoseShop. 


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