Notoriously Morbid – My First Haul (with swatches)! Part 1

Late last year I ordered the blogger pack (5 eyeshadow samples and a full size lipcraft lipgloss) from indie makeup brand Notoriously Morbid, plus a few extras. Carrie picked a nice selection of eyeshadows for me to try, as well as a coupon for 20% off my next order, which is very sweet! I also received a lipgloss in ‘Serannian Dreams’ as part of my blogger pack, not a colour I would have chosen myself but that’s not their fault. I need to experiment more with pink anyway, so this is the perfect chance 🙂 I also treated myself to a Dita eyeshadow sample, and an Osteomancy highlighter sample (gotta justify international shipping somehow, right?).

The order was reasonably priced and arrived very fast from USA to NZ, in perfect condition. The Coffin Kisser I had also ordered was unfortunately missing from the order, but when I contacted Carrie, she very kindly sent out a replacement as well as a few extras, and I will review them in a future post. I ordered just before Black Friday, at their peak time, so I totally understand how it got overlooked, and was very impressed how efficiently Carrie fixed it for me.notmor

From the bloggers pack I received:

Kilgharrah (discontinued, no longer on site)

I Call It Mr Pointy

Walking on Sunshine

Goodbye Sweetie  (discontinued, no longer on their site)

Gilded (discontinued, no longer on their site)

Lipcraft gloss (full size) Serannian Dreams (discontinued, no longer on website. You may be able to pick it up through makeup exchanges)

And my own purchases:

Dita Eyeshadow (sample size)  (discontinued, no longer on their site)

Osteomancy Blush (sample size)

I apologise for the delay in reviewing, but as I mentioned before, I’m back now and will make sure I catch up ASAP on reviewing and swatching my Notoriously Morbid collection for you, over a few posts. Today, I’ll review Dita eyeshadow, Osteomancy blush, Serannian Dreams lipcraft and Water and Intuition eyeshadow.



Water and Intuition:

This was a free bonus sample, in addition to my bloggers pack – I wasn’t expecting anything extra so not only was it a nice touch but it’s also a lovely colour. Perfect for a mermaid themed look! In the photo, I’ve swatched without primer, however I also tried it with ELF Primer (Pearl) and that gave it more vibrancy and made it last longer. This colour also lends itself well to being used as eyeliner. Sorry my photo is so terrible! In real life, this is a gorgeous colour.


I’m kind of happy the whole red/burgundy eyeshadow trend has happened, theres a good selection of them around now. Dita was exactly what I was looking for, a wearable red/burgundy that doesn’t just make me look bruised. I love this colour, this is definitely a current favourite of mine! I know the sample will take a long time to use up, but I wish I got a mini instead now that it seems to be discontinued.

Osteomancy highlighter/blush:

This is exactly what I wanted and expected – a pearly white shiny highlighter/blush, to use over my pale makeup. The trouble is, I’m not actually that naturally pale (mixed heritage – I look pale on the outside but then I tan super easily and go olive), so while I wish I could make myself look like Casper the Friendly Ghost, the reality is some pale makeups simply don’t work for me.

With my dry skin especially, Osteomancy just gives away the fact that I’m faking my paleness (by the way, I don’t have issues with being a woman of colour, I’m extremely proud of it! I just love the way pale skin contrasts with dark hair, and I love gothic/alternative looks which is why I crave paleness. But I don’t use makeup to disguise who I am – that would be impossible and look silly anyway! My eyes confess my ancestry). So Osteomancy doesn’t blend well on me, no matter what makeup I use underneath, I can’t make it work. That’s not the fault of the product, it’s just me. I did find one of my Bossy brushes really good at giving a subtle burst of shimmer with it, it’s just something I need to practice with.

Serannian Dreams Lipcraft gloss:

This was simply just a ‘not for me’ product, nothing at all wrong with it. Good coverage, felt nice on my hand to swatch, I just don’t do pink. At all!. And Serannian Dreams is VERY much a pink. I’m pretty open to trying new colours with makeup but this is the first time I can recall putting on makeup to go out and actually taking it off again. But that’s only because I really don’t like pink, and is absolutely not a fault with the product. If you love girly, light pinks, then you’ll probably love this! Anyway, this was a limited edition and as far as I’m aware is no longer available, sorry (and no, mine isn’t up for swap, I gave it to a friend).

I have lots more Notoriously Morbid makeup to review shortly. I’ve been using my haul for the last 5 months now and have really enjoyed using it. How on earth did I live without Coffin Kissers?! Apologies for the delay in reviewing, and I assure you all that my next review will take nowhere near this long 😉


Hiatus – and An Update!

Hey, it’s me! 🙂

Thanks for sticking with me and continuing to visit and read my blog during my absence, I’m pretty much back now. The last two months have been crazy busy. My husband, baby and I moved from Wellington to Christchurch, and my son is now 7 months old, which is such a busy time in his life! Right now, I’ve been so busy with taking care of him as a full time mum, and building a new life here. I had lived in Wellington for over 8 years, and made it my home. Hopefully we can make our life in Christchurch as good as our one in Wellington was – we love it so far!

Around Christmas I was nearly ready to make an announcement, this project is still happening but has been put on hold for a bit. I promise it’ll be worth it! Another little side project that has been taking up some of my time, is taking over my husbands online comic book shop. If you like comics, please visit Zap! Pow! Comics, I am selling them at a good discount and many of them are not available anywhere else in NZ currently.

I hope to be fully back in action soon, so please come back! 🙂 I have a few new products to review, and I’ve got a few things coming from RoseRose Shop as well.