Bossy Cosmetics Brush Cleaning Set Review

This year I made it my goal to try to use brushes, and clean them more often. Well, today is the first day of February (it WAS when I started this review) and I’ll be honest – this is the first time I’ve gotten around to using my Bossy Brush Cleaning set! So much for ‘once a week’ like I should be using them.


Anyway, I received a Brush Cleaning Pad and Brush Cleaning Shampoo from Bossy Cosmetics to review, and I definitely would recommend them to anyone wanting to ‘brush up’ on their makeup application. I reviewed their brush set last month, and now I suggest buying the cleaning equipment to go with it. No, you don’t need fancy brush cleaning equipment but hell yeah does it make the process more enjoyable and easier!



The Shampoo is nice, and I think a little would go a long way. Personally I thought it smelled a bit too strong, and the Vanilla/Coconut scent was too coconutty for me since I don’t like coconut much, but it isn’t unpleasant at all!


The brush cleaning process is simple (honest disclaimer – the white brushes in the photo are from my lovely Bossy set, the black ones are ones I was using before discovering Bossy!).

Take your brushes and wet them with warm water. Put some Bossy Brush Shampoo on the pad, and run the brushes across it, lathering them up. You can use other brush shampoos, but I imagine the Bossy one will give the best results, it really did work awesomely for me! There are all kinds of cleaning pad out there, with ribs and grooves to give your brushes the ultimate in pleasure, and I haven’t used any others so I can’t compare. Once you’ve shampooed the brushes, rinse them thoroughly under warm water, then leave them to dry. Lie them down on an angle, not standing up, to dry – I positioned mine carefully on top of the cleaning pad and left them in a safe place in the kitchen for a few days, much to my husbands dismay.

I don’t think I’ll EVER commit to washing my brushes once a week. But I WILL be washing them much more regularly and taking better care of them, and the Bossy products are the perfect way to do so.  I am grateful to have had the chance to try them, and I would spend my own money on them as well.  They are currently on sale for just $20, so grab them while you can!

The lovely ladies at Bossy Cosmetics provided these for free for review. This is an honest review, and all opinions expressed are my own. I received free product, and no financial compensation, for the purposes of this review. 


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