RoseRose Shop – Second Haul!

A few months ago, I purchased my first order from Korean beauty store RoseRose Shop. I was so delighted with my items, and had such a good response to my review of the products, that I decided to order again and share my haul with you all. I’ve been on a low-buy since last year, and still am, but my skin was dry and I needed a good moisturising cream, so let me justify it, OK? 🙂

TonyMoly Banana Sleeping Pack and Hand Milk - banana for scale (j/k)

TonyMoly Banana Sleeping Pack and Hand Milk – banana for scale (j/k)

The moisturising cream that started my need for this little haul was Tony Moly’s Banana Sleeping Pack. The packaging is gimmicky – an actual fake banana, but I bought it hoping it would have a nice banana smell, and I was right! My husband reckons it smells like Calci-Yum, and I pretty much have to stop him eating it. Lucky my wee boy isn’t old enough to get into my things yet, otherwise I can imagine what might happen! It’s quite a fake banana scent, so as my husband said, if you don’t like banana milk or ‘dairy food’, you’re not going to like this. Personally, I loved it. With a name like ‘sleeping pack’, I wasn’t sure if it was more like a mask that you apply before bed. However, it’s more like a thick cream that you put on before bed like a regular night cream. I have very sensitive and dry skin, so I’m always apprehensive about putting anything on my skin but Tony Moly disclose their ingredients in English, which gives me more confidence in them, and I had absolutely no problems with this cream, in fact my skin felt lovely for days afterwards. You could apply it every night, but I’m going to try to make it last and maybe use it once or twice a week. In winter, when my skin gets drier, I’ll probably use it more regularly though. (Available through W2Beauty as well).

Since I was buying the sleeping pack, I figured I may as well try the matching hand cream too, the Tony Moly Banana Hand Milk. It has the exact same smell as the Sleeping Pack, so it definitely isn’t for everyone! But I liked it. The texture was heavier than expected, with a name like ‘milk’, I thought it would be runnier and lighter, so I was pleasantly surprised at how thick it turned out. Too early to tell if it’s making much difference to my hands, but as a busy mum with dry hands, I have to say atleast I enjoy using it. Like the sleeping pack, it comes in the same packaging (but smaller), and while it’s different and creative, it does feel a little childish. (Available through W2Beauty as well).

Welcos Killing Me Zombie BB Cream

Welcos Killing Me Zombie BB Cream

Welcos Killing Me Zombie BB Cream Swatch

Welcos Killing Me Zombie BB Cream Swatch

I love the box and the name of Welcos ‘Killing Me Zombie BB Cream’! Very cute. The tube is a decent size, and you don’t need to use a lot. The cream is SPF 50-+, which will help me maintain the pale pallor I’m going for. I was a bit unsure of the colour at first, it came out ‘skin tone’ but not deathly pale which was what I hoped for. It blended in to my natural skin colour nicely, didn’t make me any darker (yay!) but also didn’t help make me pale. The cream did the job it advertised however, making my skin look flawless and smooth. It also doesn’t feel too heavy although by the end of the day it flaked a bit on my super-dry skin. Personally, I wouldn’t buy it again as I’d prefer to continue searching for my perfect pale Holy Grail product.

TonyMoly Luminous Aura CC Cream Sample Packs

TonyMoly Luminous Aura CC Cream Sample Packs

I bought a set of 10 samples of these TonyMoly Luminous Aura CC Creams to try, as they were quite inexpensive and I was hoping they would make my skin look white and luminous, while offering sunscreen protection. I like that they are white in colour and leave a little ‘cast’ on my skin, as they help create a paler look. (Available in full size through W2Beauty as well).

I cannot WAIT to purchase from RoseRose Shop again! Have any readers bought anything lately? Anything special you are eyeing up to buy?

This is an honest review, written from my experiences with RoseRose Shop. I have no affiliation with them at all, and do not receive any compensation. All items were purchased with my own money. I am however, as of June 2015, an affiliate of W2Beauty, and have added affiliate links to this post. 


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