Mizon Returning Starfish Cream Review

I received a sample sachet of Returning Starfish Cream in a RoseRose Shop order, and thought it sounded interesting. It’s a weird name – I’m not exactly sure where the starfish has been, and I don’t know where it’s returning to. And yes, it DOES contain real starfish (Hydrolyzed Starfish Extract, whatever that is). Mizon also make the beauty cult classic All in One Snail Repair Cream, which I also have a sample of and will be trying out and reviewing very soon.

As I mention frequently, I suffer from very dry and sensitive skin. I don’t use a lot of skincare products, and don’t have a regular skincare routine either. At the age of 28, I know, I know, I should be taking better care of my skin and not taking it for granted. I do use sun screen regularly, keep my skin clean, and don’t wear foundation. I’ve even started removing my eye makeup every day! So I’ve been trying out various moisturisers lately, and actually enjoying using them too.

Returning Starfish Cream sample packaging

Returning Starfish Cream sample packaging

I thought the idea of starfish sounded different, and I’m always up for a bit of novelty in the products I use, which is what I find so appealing about Korean cosmetics. I think the concept with this cream is, you know how starfish can regenerate lost limbs? This cream can apparently give you the regenerative properties from the starfish. That doesn’t mean you could chop off your nose and it’ll grow back, of course.

Initially I thought the cream smelt floral, but it took me a minute to realise it is more of a lemon smell, which is quite pleasant and disappears fairly quickly. The cream feels soft and smooth, and glides onto my skin. I found it comfortable to wear and my skin felt hydrated all evening, and the next day too. It was a nice consistency, not too heavy, not too light, and I wouldn’t mind using this day or night. Not sure how well it would work with foundation or makeup on top, but for someone like me who prefers a light powder instead, it would go well blended in as day cream, even with a layer of sunscreen on top.

A small dab of Returning Starfish Cream on my arm

A small dab of Returning Starfish Cream on my arm

I would recommend trying Returning Starfish Cream, and it is definitely something I would consider purchasing in future. It did the job it was intended to (ie – moisturising), felt nice to use and had a good consistency, was fine on my dry/sensitive skin, and is not hard to find or overly expensive. RoseRose Shop sell it as a pack of 10 samples (or you might get a free one enclosed in your order at random like I did!) with free shipping, or you can find the full sized product on Amazon, eBay and other stores.


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