December Empties

This will be a short and sweet post – for someone who loves makeup, I’m actually very low maintenance, and don’t use a hell of a lot of skincare stuff (definitely less than I should, for someone as close to 30 as I am, but hey, I still get ID’d!).



In December I had 3 empties, so here’s a brief rundown of what they were.

Lipidol Overnight Face Oil 

Not entirely sure what made me purchase this, as the only oil I ever use is Almond Oil. I had quite dry skin on my face at the time of purchasing, so I guess I thought it would give me lots of moisture, plus it only cost $8.15 on sale at Farmers so it was hard to resist. I hated it at first, the smell and texture reminded me of cooking oil, and my face felt greasy. I hate wasting things though, and was determined to use it, so ended up applying it to dry skin on my body instead, especially my arms and legs, and after awhile I didn’t mind it so much. It definitely did its job providing moisture. In retrospect, I should have bought the bigger oil (at the same price) designed for the whole body.

Would I buy again or recommend? : I wouldn’t buy this again for myself. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes oils, and I would still be keen to try the Lipidol After Shower Body Oil. It seems to be a good product, it really is just a personal preference.

Kleancolour Wizard Pad Nail Polish Remover 

I got these cheap at Postie Plus, as I can’t go past anything cherry scented. To be honest, the scent isn’t that great. The pads are very thin, and you’ll need a few of them even just to remove plain polish. Don’t bother trying these on several coats of glitter or liquid sand, they just won’t work! For $3, they were pretty much just what I expected.

Would I buy again or recommend? : If I was travelling and couldn’t find anything else at a similar price, I guess I would. I wouldn’t highly recommend them, but you could do worse. I liked them better than the similar LA GIRL Strawberry ones I tried awhile ago.

Swisspers Kind to Eyes Eye Makeup Removing Pads

I bought these to take to hospital with me (somehow, miraculously I actually DID end up needing them, as I got very bored and did eye makeup on each of the 3 days I was there. Bit naive of me to think I’d need them, but I’m glad I had them!). They were fine, they did the job, didn’t irritate my skin and were perfectly adequate. There was nothing special that stood out about them, but they worked well.

Would I buy again or recommend? : Yes. I’ve used them in the past, and I think it’s worth paying a little extra rather than buying super-cheap generic ones. The Swisspers brand certainly isn’t expensive! I often wear quite heavy eye makeup, and it removes it all, sometimes needing 2-3 pads.


So there you go, a nice simple month! Haven’t got any January empties and I’m not that sure that I even will.

What about you, what have you used up so far this year? Would you repurchase or recommend it?



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