Bossy Cosmetics – Brush Set Review

I’ve been raving about how awesome NZ company Bossy Cosmetics are for quite awhile now! I purchased a Hot Pad for myself and one for a Christmas gift, and have reviewed them here. I love supporting cruelty-free companies, so was happy to hear that they are, including this fantastic brush set. At $50 (but they are currently on sale!), these offer value for money while also offering good quality.



The set is beautifully packaged in a roll-up case, making them easy to keep clean, and to travel with. I was also grateful they included a guide to which brush to use where – I’ve had a couple of brushes before but I’m completely clueless with them, so I appreciated this!

I don’t do resolutions but if I was going to do one, it would be this year to use AND CLEAN makeup brushes. Luckily, Bossy Cosmetics have made this easier and more fun for me by providing a gorgeous set for review. I really enjoyed using these brushes, they were soft and felt nice on my skin, and none of the bristles fell out. They made it easier to apply and blend the products I used – I’ve tried the brushes with various eyeshadows, powders and my Baviphat CC Cream and was really impressed with them. In particular, I loved how easy it made my eyeshadow application. CC Cream was a little harder to blend, but I’m going to blame this entirely on my lack of skill with brushes – with more time, patience and technique, I know this brush would have given an excellent result.




I thought my makeup looked far more polished and gorgeous when I tried my Bossy Cosmetics brushes. I’m incredibly grateful to Stephanie from Bossy Cosmetics for providing these for review, and I look forward to using them more in future, I think they will definitely help improve my application skills too!

My friend will be guest-blogging a review of their blender on here soon, and I will follow up with a Brush Cleaner and Cleaning Pad review.


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