RoseRose Shop – Second Haul!

A few months ago, I purchased my first order from Korean beauty store RoseRose Shop. I was so delighted with my items, and had such a good response to my review of the products, that I decided to order again and share my haul with you all. I’ve been on a low-buy since last year, and still am, but my skin was dry and I needed a good moisturising cream, so let me justify it, OK? ūüôā

TonyMoly Banana Sleeping Pack and Hand Milk - banana for scale (j/k)

TonyMoly Banana Sleeping Pack and Hand Milk – banana for scale (j/k)

The moisturising cream that started my need for this little haul was Tony Moly’s Banana Sleeping Pack. The packaging is gimmicky – an actual fake banana, but I bought it hoping it would have a nice banana smell, and I was right! My husband reckons it smells like Calci-Yum, and I pretty much have to stop him eating it. Lucky my wee boy isn’t old enough to get into my things yet, otherwise I can imagine what might happen! It’s quite a fake banana scent, so as my husband said, if you don’t like banana milk or ‘dairy food’, you’re not going to like this. Personally, I loved it. With a name like ‘sleeping pack’, I wasn’t sure if it was more like a mask that you apply before bed. However, it’s more like a thick cream that you put on before bed like a regular night cream. I have very sensitive and dry skin, so I’m always apprehensive about putting anything on my skin but Tony Moly disclose their ingredients in English, which gives me more confidence in them, and I had absolutely no problems with this cream, in fact my skin felt lovely for days afterwards. You could apply it every night, but I’m going to try to make it last and maybe use it once or twice a week. In winter, when my skin gets drier, I’ll probably use it more regularly though. (Available through W2Beauty as well).

Since I was buying the sleeping pack, I figured I may as well try the matching hand cream too, the Tony Moly Banana Hand Milk. It has the exact same smell as the Sleeping Pack, so it definitely isn’t for everyone! But I liked it. The texture was heavier than expected, with a name like ‘milk’, I thought it would be runnier and lighter, so I was pleasantly surprised at how thick it turned out. Too early to tell if it’s making much difference to my hands, but as a busy mum with dry hands, I have to say atleast I enjoy using it. Like the sleeping pack, it comes in the same packaging (but smaller), and while it’s different and creative, it does feel a little childish.¬†(Available through W2Beauty as well).

Welcos Killing Me Zombie BB Cream

Welcos Killing Me Zombie BB Cream

Welcos Killing Me Zombie BB Cream Swatch

Welcos Killing Me Zombie BB Cream Swatch

I love the box and the name of Welcos ‘Killing Me Zombie BB Cream’! Very cute. The tube is a decent size, and you don’t need to use a lot. The cream is SPF 50-+, which will help me maintain the pale pallor I’m going for. I was a bit unsure of the colour at first, it came out ‘skin tone’ but not deathly pale which was what I hoped for. It blended in to my natural skin colour nicely, didn’t make me any darker (yay!) but also didn’t help make me pale. The cream did the job it advertised however, making my skin look flawless and smooth. It also doesn’t feel too heavy although by the end of the day it flaked a bit on my super-dry skin. Personally, I wouldn’t buy it again as I’d prefer to continue searching for my perfect pale Holy Grail product.

TonyMoly Luminous Aura CC Cream Sample Packs

TonyMoly Luminous Aura CC Cream Sample Packs

I bought a set of 10 samples of these TonyMoly Luminous Aura CC Creams to try, as they were quite inexpensive and I was hoping they would make my skin look white and luminous, while offering sunscreen protection. I like that they are white in colour and leave a little ‘cast’ on my skin, as they help create a paler look.¬†(Available in full size through W2Beauty as well).

I cannot WAIT to purchase from RoseRose Shop again! Have any readers bought anything lately? Anything special you are eyeing up to buy?

This is an honest review, written from my experiences with RoseRose Shop. I have no affiliation with them at all, and do not receive any compensation. All items were purchased with my own money. I am however, as of June 2015, an affiliate of W2Beauty, and have added affiliate links to this post. 


Mizon Returning Starfish Cream Review

I received a sample sachet of Returning Starfish Cream¬†in a RoseRose Shop order, and thought it sounded interesting. It’s a weird name – I’m not exactly sure where the starfish has been, and I don’t know where it’s returning to. And yes, it DOES contain real starfish (Hydrolyzed Starfish Extract, whatever that is). Mizon also make the beauty cult classic All in One Snail Repair Cream, which I also have a sample of and will be trying out and reviewing very soon.

As I mention frequently, I suffer from very dry and sensitive skin. I don’t use a lot of skincare products, and don’t have a regular skincare routine either. At the age of 28, I know, I know, I should be taking better care of my skin and not taking it for granted. I do use sun screen regularly, keep my skin clean, and don’t wear foundation. I’ve even started removing my eye makeup every day! So I’ve been trying out various moisturisers lately, and actually enjoying using them too.

Returning Starfish Cream sample packaging

Returning Starfish Cream sample packaging

I thought the idea of starfish sounded different, and I’m always up for a bit of novelty in the products I use, which is what I find so appealing about Korean cosmetics. I think the concept with this cream is, you know how starfish can regenerate lost limbs? This cream can apparently give you the regenerative properties from the starfish. That doesn’t mean you could chop off your nose and it’ll grow back, of course.

Initially I thought the cream smelt floral, but it took me a minute to realise it is more of a lemon smell, which is quite pleasant and disappears fairly quickly. The cream feels soft and smooth, and glides onto my skin. I found it¬†comfortable to wear and my skin felt hydrated all evening, and the next day too. It was a nice consistency, not too heavy, not too light, and I wouldn’t mind using this day or night. Not sure how well it would work with foundation or makeup on top, but for someone like me who prefers a light powder instead, it would go well blended in as day cream, even with a layer of sunscreen on top.

A small dab of Returning Starfish Cream on my arm

A small dab of Returning Starfish Cream on my arm

I would recommend trying Returning Starfish Cream, and it is definitely something I would consider purchasing in future. It did the job it was intended to (ie – moisturising), felt nice to use and had a good consistency, was fine on my dry/sensitive skin, and is not hard to find or overly expensive. RoseRose Shop sell it as a pack of 10 samples (or you might get a free one enclosed in your order at random like I did!) with free shipping, or you can find the full sized product on Amazon, eBay and other stores.

December Empties

This will be a short and sweet post – for someone who loves makeup, I’m actually very low maintenance, and don’t use a hell of a lot of skincare stuff (definitely less than I should, for someone as close to 30 as I am, but hey, I still get ID’d!).



In December I had 3 empties, so here’s a brief rundown of what they were.

Lipidol Overnight Face Oil 

Not entirely sure what made me purchase this, as the only oil I ever use is Almond Oil. I had quite dry skin on my face at the time of purchasing, so I guess I thought it would give me lots of moisture, plus it only cost $8.15 on sale at Farmers so it was hard to resist. I hated it at first, the smell and texture reminded me of cooking oil, and my face felt greasy. I hate wasting things though, and was determined to use it, so ended up applying it to dry skin on my body instead, especially my arms and legs, and after awhile I didn’t mind it so much. It definitely did its job providing moisture. In retrospect, I should have bought the bigger oil (at the same price) designed for the whole body.

Would I buy again or recommend? : I wouldn’t buy this again for myself. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes oils, and I would still be keen to try the Lipidol After Shower Body Oil. It seems to be a good product, it really is just a personal preference.

Kleancolour Wizard Pad Nail Polish Remover 

I got these cheap at Postie Plus, as I can’t go past anything cherry scented. To be honest, the scent isn’t that great. The pads are very thin, and you’ll need a few of them even just to remove plain polish. Don’t bother trying these on several coats of glitter or liquid sand, they just won’t work! For $3, they were pretty much just what I expected.

Would I buy again or recommend? : If I was travelling and couldn’t find anything else at a similar price, I guess I would. I wouldn’t highly recommend them, but you could do worse. I liked them better than the similar LA GIRL Strawberry ones I tried awhile ago.

Swisspers Kind to Eyes Eye Makeup Removing Pads

I bought these to take to hospital with me (somehow, miraculously I actually¬†DID end up needing them, as I got very bored and did eye¬†makeup on each of the 3 days I was there. Bit naive of me to think I’d need them, but I’m glad I had them!). They were fine, they did the job, didn’t irritate my skin and were perfectly adequate. There was nothing special that stood out about them, but they worked well.

Would I buy again or recommend? : Yes. I’ve used them in the past, and I think it’s worth paying a little extra rather than buying super-cheap generic ones. The Swisspers brand certainly isn’t expensive! I often wear quite heavy eye makeup, and it removes it all, sometimes needing 2-3 pads.


So there you go, a nice simple month! Haven’t got any January empties and I’m not that sure that I even will.

What about you, what have you used up so far this year? Would you repurchase or recommend it?


Bossy Cosmetics – Brush Set Review

I’ve been raving about how awesome NZ company Bossy Cosmetics are for quite awhile now! I purchased a Hot Pad for myself and one for a Christmas gift, and have reviewed them here. I love supporting cruelty-free companies, so was happy to hear that they are, including this fantastic brush set. At $50 (but they are¬†currently on sale!), these offer value for money while also offering good quality.



The set is beautifully packaged in a roll-up case, making them easy to keep clean, and to travel with. I was also grateful they included a guide to which brush to use where – I’ve had a couple of brushes before but I’m completely clueless with them, so I appreciated this!

I don’t do resolutions but if I was going to do one, it would be this year to use AND CLEAN makeup brushes. Luckily, Bossy Cosmetics have made this easier and more fun for me by providing a gorgeous set for review. I really enjoyed using these brushes, they were soft and felt nice on my skin, and none of the bristles fell out. They made it easier to apply and blend the products I used – I’ve tried the brushes with various eyeshadows, powders and my Baviphat CC Cream and was really impressed with them. In particular, I loved how easy it made my eyeshadow application. CC Cream was a little harder to blend, but I’m going to blame this entirely on my lack of skill with brushes – with more time, patience and technique, I know this brush would have given an excellent result.




I thought my makeup looked far more polished and gorgeous when I tried my Bossy Cosmetics brushes. I’m incredibly grateful to Stephanie from Bossy Cosmetics for providing these for review, and I look forward to using them more in future, I think they will definitely help improve my application skills too!

My friend will be guest-blogging a review of their blender on here soon, and I will follow up with a Brush Cleaner and Cleaning Pad review.