Last post til after Christmas!

Just a quick note to say I won’t be posting again til after Christmas! I broke my memory card the other day from my old camera, it was partially broken and got stuck in a machine trying to print photos. I haven’t got a card for my new camera yet so I can’t take any photos right now (my cell phone photos are terrible quality! no point using those). I’m hoping to get one before Christmas, as it will be my sons first so I can’t be without one. 😦


Coming up after Christmas, I will be posting:

– a few Bossy Cosmetics reviews (including Blender, Brushes and Brush Cleaning Set)

– my first Notoriously Morbid haul

– review of several Asian beauty products including Returning Starfish cream

– a guide to having a makeup dresser clearout/cleanup … if I ever finish mine!

– Ro Vie cosmetics review

– more swatches of my nail polish collection

– and lots more!


I hope everyone has a safe and very happy Christmas season, and I thank you all for supporting my blog this year. If Santa and the elves didn’t bring you a set of brushes this year, make sure you head over to my giveaway and get in the draw (New Zealand only, I’m sorry).



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