Bossy Cosmetics Hot Pad – Review

— PHOTO COMING SOON! My X D Card from my very old camera broke today, and I need to purchase an SD Card to replace it, will do so ASAP, I miss taking photos of my baby too much! —

For Christmas this year I wanted to give people presents that were useful. You know what it’s like – what do you buy the person who has everything?! For awhile now, I’ve been thinking about buying some of the products from Bossy Cosmetics, especially as I want to get more into using brushes (AND ALSO CLEANING THEM!).

I decided to buy a black Hot Pad for someone on my list (and another for myself actually). They are also available in pink and white. After my purchase, I got talking to the lovely Stephanie from Bossy, and she very kindly sent me lots of goodies to review! I am incredibly excited about this. They look amazing, and by buying them you are supporting a cruelty-free, New Zealand company.

Bossy Cosmetic Products

Hot Pad, Makeup Brush Cleaner, Brush Shampoo, Makeup Blender and a Brush Set in a roll. Gorgeous!

Reviews for the other items are coming soon, and I will be having a guest poster for the Makeup Blender too.

So, back to the Hot Pad. As a busy mum, I don’t spend much time on my hair. I love having fun with makeup, and creating interesting outfits, but the one area I neglect is my hair, I’ve given up on it! I have a very thick, very curly, very frizzy, very knotty, and all-round plain awful mop of hair, which is incredibly hard to care for. I tend to run a Tangle Teezer through it and sweep it up into a ponytail, then a ‘shark clip’ since I can’t do much else with it. I do love it straightened, but it takes so long, and it’s time I don’t usually have, or would rather spend elsewhere.

Due to how long it takes, when I DO get around to straightening it, I usually rush the job, then find myself stuck holding the straightening iron til it cools down enough to put down on a wooden surface. I’m an absent-minded girl, always flitting from one thing to the next, and I know one day the day will come where I end up burning the place down, even though I’m always careful to unplug it straight away.  (Anyone else seen that Friends episode when that happens?!). So the Hot Pad gives me some piece of mind and extra safety.

The Hot Pad is a simple little thing, just a piece of silicone that can roll up around your straightener for travel, which is handy. I felt it was maybe a little thinner than I would have liked, but I guess that makes it easier to roll up, which makes sense. While I straightened my hair, I rested the straightener down on it on top of the carpet, while I brushed and picked knots out of my hair. I could feel warmth on the carpet even after removing the Hot Pad, so putting it on carpet was not perhaps the best idea! When I finished straightening, I lay the Hot Pad and straightener on a wooden surface to cool down.

I’m glad I purchased this, and have no regrets about it! I also think it’s going to make a good gift, so I’m excited to see if it’s well received. They are just $15 right now on Bossy Cosmetics website so what are you waiting for? They also have the Hot Pocket, a holder for hot tools, which looks interesting too. Bossy products are available on their site, from Farmers stores and in selected salons.


To clarify, I paid for two Bossy Cosmetics Hot Pads with my own money, and received the extras for free for review. All items will be given an honest review, that is not influenced by the fact that I was given them for free.  I did not receive any payment for this post. 


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