Baviphat Urban Dollkiss I Love CC Cream and Etude House Secret Beam Powder Pact Reviews

After my last awesome order from RoseRoseShop, I was dying to do another one soon! In particular, I wanted to find a product that would give me a pale complexion. I have naturally fair skin, but tan fairly easily (first world problems I guess though!), and always want to be paler. I don’t wear foundation, the only ‘face’ makeup I ever wear is Thin Lizzy Mineral Foundation in ‘Miss Von Dita’, which I really like, it’s a good colour. I am lucky to have smooth skin, but it’s very sensitive and dry, so it makes it hard to find products I can use. Sun protection is also important to me, so my ideal makeup would make me appear paler as well as preventing a tan/sunburn.

My lovely husband decided to treat me to two of the things I was wishing for, for my Christmas present (and yes, I know it’s early! I’m a lucky girl). I chose Baviphat Urban Dollkiss I Love CC Cream (Pure Aura), and Etude House Secret Beam Powder Pact (light beige). It’s always a bit of a gamble buying Asian beauty – you can’t try before you buy, and often it can be hard to find things like the ingredients list in English.


I’d heard of the brand ‘Baviphat’ before but didn’t know anything about it – I think it sounds like some form of demon, haha. I had looked into several BB and CC creams before deciding on this one and part of the reason I chose it was the very cute apple shaped bottle. I’m not usually one to let myself be influenced by things like that, but I’ve been working on revamping my dresser and I thought this would look gorgeous on there, plus it sounded ideal. I wasn’t disappointed! The packaging was every bit as good as it looked online, although the bottle is very small. Even the box is cute – ‘for every woman who want to be the Snow White’. Well, I’ve been called Snow White in the past (for my look, not my behaviour!), and I thought this was adorable.


Gratuitous shot with a mirror, how very Snow White! Bought this from Ali Express for just a few dollars, as well as a matching ‘soap dish’ (ie – hair clip holder) and makeup brush holder.

I wasn’t able to get a good photo of the CC Cream on my skin, sorry. It has a faint colour, but blends into your natural skin colour. I felt it blended in nicely but made my skin look slightly paler (which fortunately was the look I wanted!). It vaguely mentions offering sun protection but doesn’t mention an SPF factor, so I think in future I would layer some sunscreen underneath… I certainly don’t mind if that adds to the paleness!



As my Thin Lizzy Mineral Foundation is running low, I was looking for an alternative, hopefully something cheaper but not harsh on my skin, something that would give me a fairly pale colour. I am naturally pale but with olive undertones and a tendency to tan by even just looking at sunlight, so I can’t get away with pure white foundations, they just look cakey and mismatched on me. I thought that Etude House Secret Beam Powder Pact (light beige) wasn’t a bad match, and also provided a hint of sparkle which I really liked.   Personally I don’t like the compact – I can’t stand pink and it looks like cheap childrens makeup, but I like the pattern etched on top. The colour was light, but a bit yellow on my skin and gave quite a thick coverage with the provided sponge. Next time I intend to try it with a makeup brush and compare the results. I never wear blush, but I feel like this combo probably could have benefited from a bit of colour, I definitely should experiment!

Overall I was very happy with these, and am again looking forward to purchasing from RoseRoseShop in the New Year. They are both also available from W2Beauty. 

I would also like to remind my readers of my brush giveaway (NZ only, sorry) – you should be able to enter once per day with your email address if I’ve set it up correctly 😉  I would also like to remind you all I have a 10% off code for Born Pretty store, so you can stock up on beauty stuff (AAXT10 will give you 10% off any item that isn’t already on sale).

This posted has been updated with affiliate links to W2Beauty. (as of June 2015). I am not, in any way, affiliated with Rose Rose Shop, other than being a loyal customer. 


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