Christmas 2015 Gift Ideas

Only 20 days to go til Christmas, which means if you’re planning to buy presents online, now is the time to do it! It’s probably a bit late to order from overseas, so here are my picks of gifts available online in NZ this Christmas.

At the top of my wishlist, is the beautiful Eye of Horus Christmas Giftpack


Pack contains:

Retails at $92, valued at over $160! Available for a limited time.


I love buying practical, useful gifts and while shopping for a Bossy Cosmetics Hot Pad as a gift, I couldn’t resist buying one for myself too! I was really impressed with their awesome selection of stuff – anything on their site is the perfect gift for a makeup lover, and some of it is even on sale, including their fabulous brush set for half price. I will be posting pictures and reviews of some of their products (including the Hot Pad) very soon – can’t wait to try them out! I don’t get to straighten my hair often these days, as a busy mum, but a Hot Pad is a must-have item for me.


Benefit have a nice selection of Christmas gift packs, available through Smith and Caugheys website. Fun Size Flirts is my choice of the bunch, with 10 mini products including my favourite, Bad Girl Lash.


Gracie Lou has the gorgeous Concrete Minerals Sugar Skulls set (6 eyeshadows) for just $35, plus lots of their other products too. Love the names and the packaging! The also have the newer Zombie Girl set for $50.


Sleek is one of the brands on everyones lips right now (get the pun? haha), and I haven’t yet tried it, but I love the look of their palettes – so many lovely colours to choose from! Pictured above is ‘Vintage Romance’ available from for $19.95. They have lots of other palettes to choose from too!




I’ll be honest. I never had any interest in Nutrimetics until a good friend of mine started working for them. I thought I’d flip through a catalog to be polite and help her get on her feet with it, but soon discovered I actually didn’t know much about them or what they offered. They are cruelty-free, which really surprised me too. Nutrimetics also have some cool stuff for sale, it’s not just a brand for your mum and grandma, which is what I always thought of them as. I’m eying up the lovely sounding Apple and Honey Spritzer which reminds me a bit of the Urban Rituelle perfumes.


Ok, Ok, I’m gonna cheat a bit here, I know I said these are New Zealand sites! But Book Depository has announced December 8th is the deadline for NZ postage to receive parcels by Christmas, so even though they are shipped from overseas, they should still get here on time. Don’t shoot me if they don’t though. They currently have two books in stock by the iconic Kevyn Aucoin, which would make a fantastic gift for the makeup lover in your life (even if that person just happens to be yourself).

And finally, last but not least! Lush and The Body Shop both have fabulous Christmas gift packs (although they are selling fast). The Body Shop now have an online shop, making it even more convenient to buy and easier to avoid the add-on sales they always try to get you to purchase. Don’t get me wrong, I do like their products (atleast, the ones that don’t contain sulphates and crap), but I once had a salesperson there openly insult my skin to try to get me to purchase an extra moisturiser, which pissed me off so I may still have a wee grudge. Which is a shame, because their Christmas Glazed Apple products sound divine! Don’t let me put you off 😉


Hope that inspired you for that hard-to-shop-for-someone, if not for yourself.  Hope you are all enjoying the lead-up to Christmas, and not getting too caught up in the madness of the season. Take time for yourself, for friend and family, and don’t break the bank or get too stressed by it. Regardless of what the day means to you, it should bring happiness and enjoyment. There’s no point getting into massive debt or worrying too hard about it. People who truly love you will understand if you can’t spend much – a thoughtful, small, homemade gift is very meaningful. Christmas is a busy time, December in general is a crazy month, but make sure you look after yourself too.  Hopefully you can all enjoy some time off work, and surround yourself with people who love you and make you feel happy. Rest and relax!


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