Missha Crystal Polish Review (Colour HGR01)

I feel almost a bit bad reviewing this as I bought it on sale ($1.18 at RoseRoseShop!) and now it is no longer available there. It is, however, available through Missha.co.nz for $16.50 NZ, and you might find it on Ebay or in online makeup sale groups. W2Beauty have quite a few Missha polishes, but not this one.

The Crystal Shine nail polish is available in many other colours and textures too, this is the first one I’ve tried so far. I haven’t been able to find a list of ingredients, which is disappointing, as I try to only purchase 3/5-free ones – can anyone confirm for me the ingredients in their nail polishes? I was hoping they would come with an ingredient sticker, but I don’t read Korean, so I’m not sure if it does!


I was pleasantly impressed with this nail polish, especially for the price I paid! The bottle is cute but sophisticated, with a subtle heart shape. The brush is wide and thick, almost too much so for my tiny nails! I definitely only needed one stroke of it to each nail. The first coat gave me very good coverage, and although I did apply a second, I didn’t really need to. I didn’t bother with a top coat, and my nails have stayed glossy, smooth and chip-free in the two days I’ve been wearing it so far. The colour is a metallic, chrome-like green, which is unusual and pretty. My only gripe, if you could call it that, is it apparently has a rose fragrance when dry, but I couldn’t smell it at all. I don’t mind as I’m not into scented nail products – you shouldn’t be sniffing them anyway!

I have to say I would highly recommend this nail polish, especially at the price I paid. Whether or not they are 5-free will determine if I buy more in this range or not. I hope they are as I really do like the colour, quality and selection of colours.

If mermaids wore nail polish, this is the colour they would wear!

I am not an affiliate of RoseRose Shop or Missha, however I am an affiliate of W2Beauty, and receive a percentage of the sale if you click my link and spend over $30 with them. I always offer completely honest reviews, and did not receive any compensation for writing this post. 


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