What 2015 Means for The Dream Factory

So, 6 months has passed here at The Dream Factory, and what began as a small project to dip my toes in during my maternity leave, has now grown into a much bigger thing, with lots of potential, and it’s so exciting to watch it take shape.

Originally my idea for The Dream Factory began a long time ago, as I thought it would make a great project for someone else, and I offered to help them get set up with it. She then decided it wasn’t for her, and I was too busy to consider doing it, so I put the idea aside. During my pregnancy, I needed to finish work early and wasn’t very well. I also didn’t have much spending money, and wasn’t easily able to go out shopping, so I ended up spending lots of time online window shopping at the latest beauty products I couldn’t buy! I decided to set up The Dream Factory as an outlet to talk about the pretty things that I like, without having the temptation to buy them. Soon after starting the blog, a friend of mine wanted to get involved and we discussed working together and also extending into a few other fields, including Vlogging. We also planned to change the name, although didn’t have a definite one in mind. I kept The Dream Factory running slowly in the background while we tossed around ideas and fantasies, but in the end we decided not to continue due to a few reasons but especially our health at the time, and we felt we just weren’t ready to undertake the huge, ambitious project we had built it up to be.


After giving birth to my gorgeous son in October, I recovered very quickly from my labour and felt great! I was able to continue with The Dream Factory, and although I had no idea what direction I was going in, people were beginning to read, to interact and take an interest in my little project. With a bit more spare time on my hands (although definitely not more money! haha), I kept working on the blog, and also on some side projects which will eventually become part of the site too.

I want to keep some surprises, to be announced very soon, but here are my plans for 2015, to make The Dream Factory bigger and better than ever. I am keeping the name too!

– More focused content, less of a hodge-podge.
– More pictures, I am finally sorting out a new camera soon which will help some of my technology woes. I also need to get better at swatches
– More guest posting, both from others on my blog, and hopefully me guest posting for others too., Hit me up if you’re keen!
– Giveaways! Can’t wait to finally start giveaways on here.
– More internationally relevant content, especially since I’m getting TONS of overseas readers (thank YOU!). I’m still interested in talking about NZ products of course, but am making it more relevant to everyone.
– More indies and Asian beauty products
– Posting more regularly. I’m not sure what the next year is bringing for me, and I may have lots of time, or not much at all! But I would like to try to make a more regular posting schedule
– Tidier formatting and a more professional, clean look. I like the layout I have now, I just want to make my posts a bit less ‘rushed’ looking and more polished.
– Becoming PR and affiliate friendly, but not selling out. I’m opening myself up to accepting advertisers or affiliates, or PR content, but I will only accept things that are relevant, things I believe in, and things that fit with my blog. I promise you I won’t start shilling for insurance or casinos! I’m not out for money, but it would be helpful to generate some revenue if I can just to support the blog and help fund some bigger projects too if I can. But my integrity comes first, and I will not compromise and sell out, this is very important to me.
– I have a big thing in the works, and I’m almost ready to talk about it but need to finalise some stuff first. Hoping to do a big announcement around Christmas time, if not sooner. 🙂

Thank you to all who supported me this far – I never anticipated to have this growth, this quickly! The next few months are going to bring some exciting changes, and I’m grateful to have you all with me. Please keep in touch, and follow the progress of The Dream Factory!


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