Holika Holika Poison Red Eyeliner Review

As you’ve just heard, I recently received my first haul (well, “mini-haul”) from RoseRoseShop – you can read my review of it here, including my brief review of the Holika Holika Poison Red Eyeliner pencil. I was asked to share a swatch photo of it, so decided to expand my review a little and post a photo. I haven’t had the chance to do a makeup look with it yet, I’ve just been using it to line the top of my eyes (with black underneath), but I’m planning to wear it with black eyeshadow, perhaps with some red blended in.

The Holika Holika Jewel Eyeliner collection has a wide range of colours, and I had trouble choosing between Poison Red and the darker, more purple, Burgundy Red. I paid less than $7 US including shipping, so at that price it’s not hard to stock up on them, and the more you buy, the more you save on postage! (sorry to be an enabler 😉 ).


So here’s my swatch. In real life I’d say its a bit less brown than the photo, but its definitely got a bit of a brown tinge. You also can’t really see the shimmer in the photo, but it does have a bit of sparkle in it.

The pencil has good staying power – if anything it lasts TOO well, and does stain a little. Not a huge deal, but you’ll need some heavy duty eye makeup remover! I’ve had two showers since I took that swatch and also cleansed my arm with Neutrogena Natural Cleanser + Makeup Remover, and I can still see traces of it.

I’d highly recommend checking out the Holika Holika Jewel Eyeliner range, even if red isn’t your colour, you are still sure to find one you’ll like. Available from many online Korean beauty retailers, including RoseRoseShop.


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