RoseRoseShop – My First Haul!

Recently, I made my first order from RoseRoseShop, after spending ages lusting over their pretty Asian cosmetics. I’m fussy about what ingredients I put on my skin, so I was hesitant to buy products in a foreign language that don’t easily disclose whats in them, but ultimately I couldn’t resist, and ended up with the following:


Etude House – Missing U Hand Cream Panda Peach

This is incredibly cute, but it doesn’t contain much product. That’s not a big deal as, to be honest, the hand cream itself isn’t that great. It’s OK, but not something I’d recommend, the light texture and fragrance are nice but it isn’t particularly effective as a hand cream, and is loaded with stuff I’d normally not choose to use on my skin.

Packaging is a full 10/10, it comes in the most adorable box, and the container can easily be washed out and reused, I actually think I might keep it for my sons baby teeth perhaps.

Would I buy again or recommend? : If you find it somewhere incredibly cheap, or if you just MUST have the packaging, then yes I would recommend it. Personally I wouldn’t buy again though.



Etude House – Milk Talk Body Wash Chocolate

Since my pregnancy, I have been completely addicted to flavoured milk, milkshakes, smoothies, etc. When I heard of chocolate milk scented body wash, I knew I just had to have this to satisfy my cravings! (Although it contains things I would usually avoid, like methylisothiazolinone).

It smells amazing at first, it really does smell like chocolate milk (which is almost a bad thing, every time I shower now I crave that Lewis Rd Whittakers Milk!), but the smell doesn’t last unfortunately. I’m definitely keen to smell the Apple and Strawberry variants of this, but since I have sensitive skin, I don’t really think I should use this long-term. My only other gripe with this product was the size was much smaller than I had imagined, especially as its not cheap – it probably won’t last long. There are also cute matching sponges available too.

Would I buy again or recommend? : I’d recommend to anyone who doesn’t have sensitive skin and loves the smell of chocolate milk! I won’t buy again because I know its not good for my delicate skin, which is a shame because it really does smell divine when you first use it.


Holika Holika Poison Red Eyeliner

My ‘style icon’ is Marilyn Manson, rather than Marilyn Monroe, and I absolutely love red makeup and dramatic, gothic eyeshadow looks. Somehow I haven’t yet got a red eyeliner in my collection, so when I saw this (for less than $4 US!),  I had to buy it. So far I’ve only used it once, but I’m very happy with it and will be buying some of the other colours too. It’s not cheap and nasty, even though its such a reasonable price. It feels nice to wear, lasts a long time on your eyes and the colour is fantastic – a lovely deep red with some sparkle. And yes, you can sharpen them.

The only negative thing I can possibly say is, why didn’t I buy a few other colours at the same time?!

Would I buy again or recommend? : Yes! Can’t wait to buy more in this range too.

My parcel arrived quick enough, I ordered on October 26th, order was shipped on the 29th, and I received it yesterday morning (15th Nov), well packaged and with some free samples too. Now I look forward to placing another (hopefully larger!) order in the near future from RoseRoseShop.


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