Snatch A Deal – My First Purchase!

Recently, Snatch A Deal had an offer I couldn’t refuse on dishwashing tablets (yes, I’m a boring old adult now).  I hate paying postage on sites like that (they charge $7.95 for North Island), I feel like I’m getting much less of a bargain, so I felt I had to justify the cost somehow (gotta spend money to make money, amirite?).

I threw these into my cart too:

L’oreal Nail Vernis – Rock And Roll Denim ($2)

This is a gorgeous colour, and quite hard to find now as it was a seasonal release. I LOVE this, it’s an unusual colour – metallic blue with particles of silver/grey,  it dried quickly and gave good coverage.  The only negative thing I can say is Snatch A Deal usually exaggerate the value of their items, and they claim this retails at $24.95.  It never has, and it doesn’t. These are very small bottles, and they retail in stores for $9.95.

Would I buy again or recommend? :  Yes! Personally I prefer small bottles of nail polish, so the size doesn’t bother me, and at this price it’s a really good deal, and a great colour! Kind of wish I’d picked up ‘Majestic Green’ at the same time though.


L’Oreal Glam Shine 8Hr Lipgloss Endless Carmine ($2)

This is hard to find now, think it has been discontinued for awhile? This arrived unsealed but obviously unused and unopened, and in good condition. I loved the colour – a shiny, sparkly red, perfect for a top coat over a lipstick! Easy to wear, and had good pigmentation.  I find Glam Shine a bit drying, but it does last well (not 8 hours on me, but better than most others).

Would I buy again or recommend? : Yes for $2, definitely not for the retail cost of $24.95! Also beware if you end up buying it online anywhere, as you may be getting old stock.  The one I got from Snatch A Deal was fine, but they sold out quickly.


AND managed to score my friends signature lipstick, which was recently discontinued and is really hard to find (Revlon Super Lustrous Primose), for just $6.

My parcel arrived fairly quickly – I ordered Thursday night and it arrived Tuesday morning (the courier left it on the doorstep in the brief window of time I was out…which is better than having to chase up a ‘Card To Call’, I guess), and was packaged well, everything arrived safely.  I’d order from Snatch A Deal again

This post does not contain any sponsored or affiliate links.

I prefer to buy from cruelty-free, non-animal testing companies,  so I feel I should disclaim that unfortunately L’Oreal are unclear on their animal testing stance, and therefore are considered by PETA to be a brand that does test on animals.  😦


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