Postie Plus Beauty – September Mini Haul!

I apologise for my on-going camera issues and lack of swatches, etc!  Hopefully I can get that sorted out soon…

Now, when I say “mini” haul, I seriously, SERIOUSLY mean mini! I’m trying to spend an absolute minimum on luxuries this month, bearing in mind my wee boy is going to arrive any minute (It’s week 39, for those of you following my progress!), but I couldn’t resist a little treat at Postie Plus. I went to the store in Kilbirnie, Wellington, although I imagine most stores would have similar stock.

I saw quite a few things that weren’t on their site,  and for the grand total of $12 I picked up the following:

– Kleancolor Nail Polish Removing Wipes (Cherry) – $3

I couldn’t resist trying these (I LOVE LOVE LOVE cherry anything).  I wasn’t expecting much from them, so the fact that they were unimpressive wasn’t surprising at all. I needed 4 of them to remove an average coat of nail polish (not glitter/liquid sand, etc), and had to wash my hands after, they left a very greasy residue. The cherry scent was OK, not worth buying them just for that though.

Would buy again or recommend? :  Nope, unless you just wanted a cheap, on-the-go pack for travel.


– Ulta3 Lipstick in ‘Sweet Passion’ – $6

I generally prefer dark makeup/clothes, but when I do colour, I ‘go big or go home’.  Orange is one of the colours I add to my 90% black sartorial repertoire occasionally, and I have a few orange eyeshadows and lipsticks that I really enjoy wearing.  Ulta3 had two orange shades that looked tempting, and I was impressed with ‘Sweet Passion’. It’s a nice orangey colour, with a shiny, chrome finish. It feels nice, covers my lips well and lasted as long as most lipsticks do on me.  Definitely got my moneys worth for $6! Will have to go back and get more in this range. The only down-side is Postie don’t offer testers, and the stock is sealed so you can’t look at them, it’s a gamble what you’re gonna get!

Would I buy again or recommend? : Are you kidding? How was I living without these in my life before? I need more, and I’d definitely recommend them, especially to anyone on a budget who wants value for money.


– Rimmel Eyeshadow Quad in ‘Thrill Seeker’ – $2.97

I don’t actually own any Rimmel, but I do like the look of some of their products – I figured for less than $3, I couldn’t really go wrong. Although I have lots of eyeshadow, I thought these would be handy colours for days when I need something quick and easy to give me a subtle pick-me-up (I imagine I’m not going to have much of a makeup routine in the near future, I need some low-maintenance stuff!).

I wouldn’t have paid full price but was happy enough with it, the colours aren’t a heavy coverage and they faded fairly quickly, but they are all colours I can and would wear easily so I think I’ll get good use out of this quad. If you can’t get to a Postie Plus, there are also some going cheap on Trademe.

Would I buy again or recommend? : For $3, yes I would.  I wouldn’t go far out of my way to get one, nor spend a fortune on it, but if you find one at a good price,  then give it a try.



Overall, I enjoyed my little stash of treats from Postie Plus, I definitely feel like I got good value for money.  I also found the staff really helpful and friendly too.  Must go back and get more Ulta3!

Edit –  And here’s another photo of my haul:



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