Kamedis Dry Skin and Eczema Sample Reviews

I have been slow to post on here lately since I’ve been without internet for a week, plus I’m sore and tired all the time, and it can be hard to do anything!  I’ve been working on a few things behind the scenes (blog related and semi-blog-related)  which I can hopefully reveal a bit later, but right now I’m just taking life day by day, slowly, getting the rest I need before baby gets here.  

Thank you to my supporters, and please watch this space because things are going to be happening soon!


Kamedis kamedis2

Recently I contacted Kamedis in regards to trying some product samples, as I am interested in their range of skincare products, especially for eczema and dry skin, which I’m prone to in winter.  Like most people with dry skin, I’ve tried “everything”, and am always up for trying something new, though having spent a small fortune in creams, lotions and potions the last few years,  I do prefer to try before I buy.

Kamedis very kindly sent me out three samples – PSO Medis Cream, Topic Medis Face Cream and Topic Medis Calming Lotion – and super quickly too, which was greatly appreciated – really impressed with their efforts to go above and beyond, matching me up to the most appropriate creams and then sending the samples ASAP. Fantastic customer service from them!

I planned to test each sachet for three days – using PSO Medis on my left side, Calming Lotion on my right and Face Cream on my face and neck. The sachets went a lot further than I expected, and I’ve ended up using them on and off for about a week now. With the weather being so unpredictable, it’s played havoc with my skin, so it’s honestly hard for me to say how much of a difference the creams have made – I have off days and good days, so I can’t say for certain the improvement was entirely because of the Kamedis creams.  However they did make my skin feel more moisturised instantly after using them. All creams were applied to skin that is dry but not broken, infected or red/weepy.

PSO Medis Cream – this was a bit of an odd one! When I opened it, I was a bit surprised to find it was a charcoal colour, which I wasn’t expecting.  It blended nicely into my skin and felt smooth and soft, although it did leave traces of gray on my hand (possibly because I applied too much though?).  Smelt neutral and quite pleasant.

Topic Medis Calming Lotion – this is probably my favourite of the three.  This was light, almost gel-like in texture, blended in easily and felt very smooth. Like PSO Medis Cream, it had a bland smell, didn’t really smell like anything.

Topic Medis Face Cream – I was impressed by how smooth all three creams felt, and I enjoyed using all of them! The face cream was a perfect Goldilocks find – not too light, not too heavy.  Probably wouldn’t go well under makeup, but would be perfect on a makeup-free face, or at night.

Overall, I would recommend Kamedis to anyone, especially those with sensitive skin issues. I will definitely be keeping the brand in mind once my baby is born, if he has issues with his skin, and I would be keen to try more from Kamedis in future.

Although these samples were free, they were not offered to me in exchange for a review. The decision to review them, as well as my opinions, are all my own.  I am not affiliated or connected to Kamedis in any way, nor did I receive any compensation to promote their company.  

Please seek professional medical advice before using products for skin conditions, all reviews are my own personal experience and are not intended as medical advice.  


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