My WildHybrid Perfume Collection – Reviews!

****  Photos soon! ***

I decided to treat myself during Wild Hybrids “Free Shipping June”.  Due to allergies (I get migraines from most perfumes, so I tend to only wear light body sprays or oils), I hate committing to a big bottle of fragrance, especially if I can’t try it first, so I greatly appreciate the small vials that Wild Hybrid offer – at 5 for $12, it’s a perfect way of trying a few and choosing your favourites from their extensive collection.

My order arrived promptly and well packaged – not a broken or leaky vial amongst them! I was impressed at the care that was put in, even though it was such a small order. There were even two free vials included (Wild Hybrid were not aware I was reviewing their fragrances, so this obviously didn’t influence their decision to enclose freebies).

You could find yourself lost on their site for hours, as they have countless scents to choose from, each with their own story to tell. These are not just pretty smells, but fragments of a tale. I found them in my quest to hunt down Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfumes, which are near-impossible to buy in NZ,  and Wild Hybrid are far more reasonably priced, at just $15 for most 15ml bottles, $4 for a sample vial, or 5 sample vials for $12.


My Collection (so far!):

Countess Di Castiglione

Spiced musk, sugar, honey, honeysuckle, ginger, violet and a little spilled blood red wine

I love this one,  it’s my current favourite. It has a unique and luxurious feel to it, and when I wear it I feel like an elegant Goddess.


Summer Garden Party

Fresh cut grass, cinnamon cookie, strawberry, rose and honeysuckle

The strange thing with this is you actually can smell the grass notes in it! But it’s not as unpleasant as it sounds – it’s nice, just very different.


Head Trauma

Vanilla, raspberry, strawberry, carnation and pink pepper

I’m still deciding how I feel about this one. Non-Pregnant Me would probably love it, it has a nice sweet fruity scent, but in my current pregnant state, it just doesn’t agree with me. I may have to revisit and re-review this one after my son is born and see if I like it more then – I’m sure I will.


Brain Matter

Vanilla syrup and white peach flesh

I’m in the exact same boat when it comes to Brain Matter as I am with Head Trauma – I’m going to have to come back to this one,  as it just doesn’t work with my fussy pregnant taste.

Sugared Rose

Roses dusted with vanilla sugar and with an Indian musk background

I love rose fragrances – and there’s absolutely no point wearing this one if you don’t! This offers something a little different to plain traditional rose, although it does have quite an old-fashioned scent to it.

Lemon & Rosewater Cakes

Mrs. Bamfrey’s signature lemon and rosewater cakes
I was taken pleasantly by surprise with this one – it reminds me of Griffin’s Lemon Treats biscuits, with a sweet, lemony scent with a faint hint of rosewater. This won’t be for everyone’s taste, but I love it.

House Viola – Vivienne Violet

Violet, honey, red wine, yuzu and white musk.

When I was a child, I was obsessed with Yardley’s “April Violets”.  I haven’t worn violet fragrances in about 20 years, having never found any others that really appealed to me, and I never thought about seeking one out.  This was included serendipitiously in my June order, and I was delighted with it.  Surprise surprise, it smells like violets, but like all Wild Hybrid fragrances, it is a unique blend with notes and layers, not just a generic floral smell.


Purple Cream

A luxurious dessert of juicy boysenberries, blueberries and passionfruit in a vanilla cream base.

Smells good enough to eat! Definitely one of my top 3 ‘Wild Hybrid’ oils, I wear this all the time.  Hard to describe, except the name really does sum it up well – a creamy blend of purple/blue fruit scents.


Black Rose

Rose, black liquorice, amyris, labdanum, amber, patchouli and exotic musk.

As I mentioned earlier, I love rose fragrances, so naturally this appealed to me. This is a different take on rose – think rose with a dash of sambuca. Dark and exotic, this is not your grandmas rose perfume!



Raspberry, patchouli and vetiver

This was one of my original Wild Hybrid scents, and I still use it fairly regularly.  Hard to describe this one, but I really like it.


The Grieving Widow

Black lace, grave dirt and a violet and lilac perfume.

This was a free sample in my first order, from last year.  It wasn’t one I would have thought of choosing myself, but I liked it anyway. It’s very unique and different,  with lots of interesting notes in it.


Demon Girl

Pink bubblegum, sugar, pink musk, vanilla and a waft of ritual incense smoke.

The first thing that came to mind when I smelt this was Maycey’s Pink Smoker lollies – which I love! Sweet, girly and just an interesting and delicious blend of smells.


You can purchase Wild Hybrid fragrances from Etsy, TradeMe, or directly from their site. I have no affiliation or connection to Wild Hybrid – other than madly loving their unique blends!


4 thoughts on “My WildHybrid Perfume Collection – Reviews!

    • Artemis says:

      Thanks for reading!
      Always a pleasure to use your beautiful fragrances, I am constantly recommending them to people. Let me know when you have new releases available and I will be happy to promote them here for you 🙂

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