Born Pretty – 10% Off Code!

I’ve been complaining on here for weeks about not being able to buy much these days, but I think I’ve found a way to compromise. The lovely Jenny from Born Pretty has offered me a 10% discount code for all my readers! Born Pretty have incredibly reasonable prices, a huge selection, and FREE SHIPPING (you all know how much I love free shipping).

AAXT10 will give you 10% off any item that isn’t already on sale.


Here are a few of my favourite pieces you can spend the discount code on:


100 Nail Art Rhinestones for $1.35 USD


Gothic Chokers – $4.76USD each, heaps to choose from!


Filigree Gem Collar Necklace for $5.94 USD


Peacock Crystal Hair Clip for $3.99 USD


Punk Cuff Bracelet for $2.57 USD


Cute Black Headband for $5.59 USD


Adorable Kawaii Vitamin Pill Pens 6 for $3.69 USD


Star Stockings $8.99 USD


Animal Print Tights $9.13 USD


Spoil yourself, ladies – you deserve it! I could spend hours window shopping there, they have a huge selection to look at. If you decide to purchase, don’t forget to use AAXT10 as the code to get your 10% discount!

Hope you are all enjoying a lovely weekend, nice to have some fine weather (atleast, in some parts of the country) today.


I am currently not an affiliate of Born Pretty, nor have I received any compensation for this blog post (other than receiving a discount code).  I do not receive any financial incentive if you choose to purchase through my links, and my opinions are my own.


My Kereru Collection – Natural, NZ Made Products

— Photos coming soon! —

I have been a huge fan of NZ Brand Kereru for quite some time, and I think everyone should know how excellent (and affordably priced) their wonderful products are.

My current Kereru stash includes:

Rosewater – This is a cheap and cheerful product that everyone should have in their beauty stash! I love the way this smells and feels, and at just $6 it’s as cheap as the generic brands which are often full of phthlates and crap. It makes my skin feel soft, smooth and refreshed. I also love to put some in a little spray bottle (mine were from Coin Save, most dollar stores have them) and spritz it on when I feel like it.

Cold Balm – This is an amazing product! When I’m sick, I love using chest rubs. I’m a total hippy when it comes to cold and flu remedies, and I like to use products that are as natural and gentle as possible. Even the most basic ‘chest rub’ products that are top sellers in pharmacies and supermarkets usually contain turpentine (ew! Yes, even the ones designed for babies!), so my top choices for chest rubs are this one by Kereru, and also the Eucalyptus/Plantago Chest Rub by Weleda.

Almond Oil – This is my go-to eye makeup remover, you can’t beat the price! It can feel a bit oily compared to traditional makeup removers, but it’s gentle and moisturising – I love it! It makes a good body oil too, and you can mix it with other things to make massage oil too.

Jojoba Oil – I used to use this for making homemade body creams, bath stuff, etc. A small bottle goes a long way, although mine used to harden in the cold weather (not a problem as it warms back up again easily).

Fragrance  Oils – I have White Musk, Strawberry, Opium, Vanilla, Rose, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood. I used to use these frequently in bath salts, etc, and also put a few drops in with my laundry to make my clothes smell nice.

Essential Oils – I’ve used up all of mine now, but I have had Lavender and Eucalyptus and found them both great.

Calendula and Manuka Honey Skin Cream (Lavender) – I purchased mine from Matchbox Studios, a small boutique and art gallery in Cuba St, Wellington.  I can’t see it on their site, so you may have to go in store to purchase it from them.  I’m not a huge fan of lavender, but the other fragrance option was Tea Tree, which my skin is too sensitive for, and I ended up really liking this product anyway.  I used this all over my body during Spring, which can be a bad time of year for my skin, and I think it helped lots. It had a nice texture too, and the fragrance wasn’t as over powering as I thought it may be.  Actually just writing this made me realise I need to buy another one!

I’ve owned lots of Kereru products over the years, so there’s a few I’ve used up a long time ago but don’t remember well enough to write about.  I usually buy them from Commonsense Organics stores or at the Newtown Festival every March. You can also buy directly from their site.

Please use natural/herbal remedies with caution and seek the advice of a medical professional. My reviews are unbiased, presented in good faith, and are based on my personal experiences only – individual results may vary!  The products mentioned may contain ingredients that interact with medications you may be on, or not  be suitable in pregnancy, or not appropriate for you for other reasons.  I have no affiliation with Kereru and all items reviewed were purchased with my own money at full retail cost. 

Beauty Bargains This Week – August 18th 2014

On a self-imposed “almost no-buy/very very limited buy” for quite awhile, since my little one is constantly reminding me he’s waiting to come out and may be a wee bit of a handful 😉 I’m going to give in and buy the odd thing if it really is a bargain, but I’m holding onto my purse very tightly these days. Being at home all day, with not much energy to do a lot, means lots of time for me to sit at home and find amazing deals for you though.

Found any must-have deals that I need to know about? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

Mybeautystore are having a HUGE sale – heaps of great brands are 50-70% off! Half price Butter London, Maybelline, L’Oreal, MOR Candles, Becca, Karen Murrell…. you snooze, ya lose, so go check it out now! And they have free shipping within NZ on orders over $25, which is awesome.



Buy One Get One 50% Off at Postie Plus -personally this shop doesn’t do a lot for me, but they do have some amazing deals on beauty stuff! The $10 L’Oreal lipsticks have some gorgeous colours, and there are even more specials in store, including L’oreal’s UV Perfect Moisturiser, one of my favourite moisturising products, for just $5.  Shipping is $5.99, or free with orders over $75, within NZ.


NZ Sale, as usual, have a couple of really good deals. (Please note I am not an affiliate, and actually haven’t purchased from them yet – just been eyeing up their site for years!).  You’ll need to get in quick, as sales are always on just for a limited time.  Shipping is $9 within NZ, which is the main factor putting me off.  Currently they have 2-packs of Essie nail polish for just $9, and L’oreal/Maybelline nail polish 2 and 3 packs for $5! Definitely worth going in with a friend on this one, as I think you CAN have too much nail polish.


Snatch A Deal have L’oreal Glam Shine lipglosses for $2 (rrp $30) in a range of colours, plus lots of other L’Oreal deals.  Their shipping is $9 nationwide, so you might want to stock up on other things too…such as the $1 Mavala Nail Polishes. They also sell books, grocery items, and lots of random stuff, so you should be able to find other things you need, to justify your beauty purchases.  And if I still haven’t swayed you, did I mention the L’Oreal Trio Eyeshadows for just $2?!

Makeup Clearance Company are an entire site of beauty bargains, I can’t just choose a few favourites.  Poppy Lane also have amazing discounts and a wide selection – with free shipping over $25!

NEXT Magazine have a free mascara with their current issue – I think its Model Co but I’ll need to confirm that for you. I’m going to pass since its a magazine I never buy, and I don’t wear a lot of mascara either, but if you’re in the market for a new one then this is a great deal! I think the cover price is around $9, and Model Co Mascaras are $30+.

Kamedis Dry Skin and Eczema Sample Reviews

I have been slow to post on here lately since I’ve been without internet for a week, plus I’m sore and tired all the time, and it can be hard to do anything!  I’ve been working on a few things behind the scenes (blog related and semi-blog-related)  which I can hopefully reveal a bit later, but right now I’m just taking life day by day, slowly, getting the rest I need before baby gets here.  

Thank you to my supporters, and please watch this space because things are going to be happening soon!


Kamedis kamedis2

Recently I contacted Kamedis in regards to trying some product samples, as I am interested in their range of skincare products, especially for eczema and dry skin, which I’m prone to in winter.  Like most people with dry skin, I’ve tried “everything”, and am always up for trying something new, though having spent a small fortune in creams, lotions and potions the last few years,  I do prefer to try before I buy.

Kamedis very kindly sent me out three samples – PSO Medis Cream, Topic Medis Face Cream and Topic Medis Calming Lotion – and super quickly too, which was greatly appreciated – really impressed with their efforts to go above and beyond, matching me up to the most appropriate creams and then sending the samples ASAP. Fantastic customer service from them!

I planned to test each sachet for three days – using PSO Medis on my left side, Calming Lotion on my right and Face Cream on my face and neck. The sachets went a lot further than I expected, and I’ve ended up using them on and off for about a week now. With the weather being so unpredictable, it’s played havoc with my skin, so it’s honestly hard for me to say how much of a difference the creams have made – I have off days and good days, so I can’t say for certain the improvement was entirely because of the Kamedis creams.  However they did make my skin feel more moisturised instantly after using them. All creams were applied to skin that is dry but not broken, infected or red/weepy.

PSO Medis Cream – this was a bit of an odd one! When I opened it, I was a bit surprised to find it was a charcoal colour, which I wasn’t expecting.  It blended nicely into my skin and felt smooth and soft, although it did leave traces of gray on my hand (possibly because I applied too much though?).  Smelt neutral and quite pleasant.

Topic Medis Calming Lotion – this is probably my favourite of the three.  This was light, almost gel-like in texture, blended in easily and felt very smooth. Like PSO Medis Cream, it had a bland smell, didn’t really smell like anything.

Topic Medis Face Cream – I was impressed by how smooth all three creams felt, and I enjoyed using all of them! The face cream was a perfect Goldilocks find – not too light, not too heavy.  Probably wouldn’t go well under makeup, but would be perfect on a makeup-free face, or at night.

Overall, I would recommend Kamedis to anyone, especially those with sensitive skin issues. I will definitely be keeping the brand in mind once my baby is born, if he has issues with his skin, and I would be keen to try more from Kamedis in future.

Although these samples were free, they were not offered to me in exchange for a review. The decision to review them, as well as my opinions, are all my own.  I am not affiliated or connected to Kamedis in any way, nor did I receive any compensation to promote their company.  

Please seek professional medical advice before using products for skin conditions, all reviews are my own personal experience and are not intended as medical advice.  

Currently Crushing On – #2

What a month August is shaping up to be!

I’ve just begun maternity leave and things have started to take off on this blog (thank you, supporters and lovely readers!), so hopefully I can invest more time on here – depending on my health. It’s been an exhausting time, but I have been spending lots of it browsing idly at pretty things I would love but can’t splurge on yet.

Just to tempt you with some pretties, here’s my list of things I’ve found around the net that I’m eyeing up. 

Junebug Eyeshadow by Sugarpill, on sale now at Gracie Lou!

Junebug Eyeshadow by Sugarpill, on sale now at Gracie Lou!

GracieLou have lots of Sugarpill (which is quite hard to get in NZ) on sale, which makes me happy. I LOVE Sugarpill and they have some gorgeous colours. Sadly, GracieLou don’t have Hysteria, my all-time favourite, in stock, but Junebug would be my second choice. I have Absinthe too, and it’s fantastic. Mine have lasted for ages, and at just $15 NZ for a 6.5gm pot, it is good quality for a reasonable price. Combined with good business ethics, and a lovely owner (Amy Doan, who is the perfect example of what a business owner should be), Sugarpill are a company I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and to give my money to. 


Manic Panic Amplified Dye available from Sinister Boutique

Manic Panic Amplified Dye available from Sinister Boutique

Manic Panic Amplified Hair Dyes at Sinister Boutique – a great range of colours, makes me long for the days when I can have cool hair again. And I’m MOST excited that they have the new range of Manic Panic lipsticks and lip glosses (Lethal Lips), in an interesting range of colours including dark green, black and some gorgeous reds and purples. 



If you’ve got a slightly bigger budget than Manic Panic, then you might want to check out Kat Von D’s new “Studded Lips” lipstick collection. For the rest of us, hold onto your wallet! They feature 30 amazing new colours, including some incredibly beautiful and unique ones. 

Farmers have some $3 Australis Colour Inject Lipsticks and Lipglosses, and eyeshadow sets – stock will vary across all shops so have a look on their site, or go have a browse! Australis are a cruelty-free brand too, and affordably priced, so I’ve always had a soft spot for them. 

Vanilla Bloom are a great New-Zealand based online store offering beauty products that are good for your skin and the environment. They offer free shipping with orders as low as $25, AND currently have a 10% off discount code too (promo code is BIRTHDAY, expires Sunday 10th August 2014). I’ve got my eyes on so many things there, including the lovely Organic Surge Peach Shower Gel. 

The new Whittakers Hundreds and Thousands chocolate seems to be a real love/hate kind of thing, but I have to say I’m loving it! Sorbet have just released a limited edition cupcake soap inspired by it – it looks so beautiful! I don’t think I could trust myself to buy one, I’d probably attempt to eat it. 


I STILL haven’t tried EOS Lip Balms, but Martha’s Backyard (an American importer) have them for just $8.50 so I really must get go ahead and get one at some stage soon, there’s no excuse really.

If you have, or know of, a fabulous new product that I need to know about, don’t hesitate to let me know! I’m a total magpie, and love knowing about what’s new. I’m probably going to be on a “no-buy” til my boy turns 18, but I love to window shop, and spread the word about cool new stuff. 

Want more eye candy? Check out my list of July ‘Currently Crushing On’s


My WildHybrid Perfume Collection – Reviews!

****  Photos soon! ***

I decided to treat myself during Wild Hybrids “Free Shipping June”.  Due to allergies (I get migraines from most perfumes, so I tend to only wear light body sprays or oils), I hate committing to a big bottle of fragrance, especially if I can’t try it first, so I greatly appreciate the small vials that Wild Hybrid offer – at 5 for $12, it’s a perfect way of trying a few and choosing your favourites from their extensive collection.

My order arrived promptly and well packaged – not a broken or leaky vial amongst them! I was impressed at the care that was put in, even though it was such a small order. There were even two free vials included (Wild Hybrid were not aware I was reviewing their fragrances, so this obviously didn’t influence their decision to enclose freebies).

You could find yourself lost on their site for hours, as they have countless scents to choose from, each with their own story to tell. These are not just pretty smells, but fragments of a tale. I found them in my quest to hunt down Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfumes, which are near-impossible to buy in NZ,  and Wild Hybrid are far more reasonably priced, at just $15 for most 15ml bottles, $4 for a sample vial, or 5 sample vials for $12.


My Collection (so far!):

Countess Di Castiglione

Spiced musk, sugar, honey, honeysuckle, ginger, violet and a little spilled blood red wine

I love this one,  it’s my current favourite. It has a unique and luxurious feel to it, and when I wear it I feel like an elegant Goddess.


Summer Garden Party

Fresh cut grass, cinnamon cookie, strawberry, rose and honeysuckle

The strange thing with this is you actually can smell the grass notes in it! But it’s not as unpleasant as it sounds – it’s nice, just very different.


Head Trauma

Vanilla, raspberry, strawberry, carnation and pink pepper

I’m still deciding how I feel about this one. Non-Pregnant Me would probably love it, it has a nice sweet fruity scent, but in my current pregnant state, it just doesn’t agree with me. I may have to revisit and re-review this one after my son is born and see if I like it more then – I’m sure I will.


Brain Matter

Vanilla syrup and white peach flesh

I’m in the exact same boat when it comes to Brain Matter as I am with Head Trauma – I’m going to have to come back to this one,  as it just doesn’t work with my fussy pregnant taste.

Sugared Rose

Roses dusted with vanilla sugar and with an Indian musk background

I love rose fragrances – and there’s absolutely no point wearing this one if you don’t! This offers something a little different to plain traditional rose, although it does have quite an old-fashioned scent to it.

Lemon & Rosewater Cakes

Mrs. Bamfrey’s signature lemon and rosewater cakes
I was taken pleasantly by surprise with this one – it reminds me of Griffin’s Lemon Treats biscuits, with a sweet, lemony scent with a faint hint of rosewater. This won’t be for everyone’s taste, but I love it.

House Viola – Vivienne Violet

Violet, honey, red wine, yuzu and white musk.

When I was a child, I was obsessed with Yardley’s “April Violets”.  I haven’t worn violet fragrances in about 20 years, having never found any others that really appealed to me, and I never thought about seeking one out.  This was included serendipitiously in my June order, and I was delighted with it.  Surprise surprise, it smells like violets, but like all Wild Hybrid fragrances, it is a unique blend with notes and layers, not just a generic floral smell.


Purple Cream

A luxurious dessert of juicy boysenberries, blueberries and passionfruit in a vanilla cream base.

Smells good enough to eat! Definitely one of my top 3 ‘Wild Hybrid’ oils, I wear this all the time.  Hard to describe, except the name really does sum it up well – a creamy blend of purple/blue fruit scents.


Black Rose

Rose, black liquorice, amyris, labdanum, amber, patchouli and exotic musk.

As I mentioned earlier, I love rose fragrances, so naturally this appealed to me. This is a different take on rose – think rose with a dash of sambuca. Dark and exotic, this is not your grandmas rose perfume!



Raspberry, patchouli and vetiver

This was one of my original Wild Hybrid scents, and I still use it fairly regularly.  Hard to describe this one, but I really like it.


The Grieving Widow

Black lace, grave dirt and a violet and lilac perfume.

This was a free sample in my first order, from last year.  It wasn’t one I would have thought of choosing myself, but I liked it anyway. It’s very unique and different,  with lots of interesting notes in it.


Demon Girl

Pink bubblegum, sugar, pink musk, vanilla and a waft of ritual incense smoke.

The first thing that came to mind when I smelt this was Maycey’s Pink Smoker lollies – which I love! Sweet, girly and just an interesting and delicious blend of smells.


You can purchase Wild Hybrid fragrances from Etsy, TradeMe, or directly from their site. I have no affiliation or connection to Wild Hybrid – other than madly loving their unique blends!

The Times They Are A’Changing Here at The Dream Factory

Some exciting, wonderful things are in the works here at The Dream Factory … including the fact I will be changing the name at some stage soonish.

I have an amazing friend coming on board with my little project, and together we will make this INCREDIBLE! We have so many ideas, as well as a few companies who have been interested in being involved (always happy to talk to more – please feel free to get in touch with us!


A huge thank you to all who have read our blog, got in touch, left comments or just been a positive support. I can’t wait for us to share our journey with you – there are no limits ahead of us, and we have some ambitious and very creative endeavours planned in future.