Oasis Beauty Sample Reviews

Awhile ago, I received three mini products from Oasis Beauty to trial (not for the purposes of this blog, I received them well before I started this). You can request some for yourself (free within NZ, a shipping charge for international customers), they are a great way  to try before you buy.

Overall I was happy with the ones I chose. I have hyper-sensitive and dry skin (I’m not just saying this, I honestly do!), so it can be very hard for me to find products that don’t make my skin react.


First of all I tried the Rose Cream Cleanser. Now, before you fall in love with it as much as I did, please let me warn you – it’s discontinued!! Can you hear that? That’s the sound of my heart breaking. It smells divine and feels soft and gentle on your skin. My only gripe with it is although it’s designed for dry skin but I still found it too drying. I’m not blaming that as a fault of the product however, it’s just my crazy skin being hard to please! I like to wear lots of eye makeup, and I found it did a fairly good job of removing it, as well as not drying out my eyelids.




Next up is the Hydrating Tropical Toner. Now, as someone who has dry skin, I never feel the need to use toner.  I’m still glad I chose this as a sample though, as I love using it – the smell reminds me of cocktails or herbal tea, fruity and delicious.  I like to just ‘spritz’ this on when I feel like it, and it leaves my skin feeling glowing and smooth.  Definitely my favourite of the Oasis range, and highly recommended.


Lastly I tried the Tropical Fruit Smoothie, and I hate to end this on a bad note, as I really liked the other two products, but this just didn’t do much for me.  I never use exfoliators, so I’m not really used to the feeling and texture of them, I find they always feel quite abrasive.  This was OK – it didn’t cause my skin to break out in a rash, and I do think it helped remove dead skin, but I just wasn’t keen on the texture.  Don’t let my opinion sway you however, if you like exfoliating products, please try it for yourself!

I love that Oasis offer a money back guarantee, free sample products, free professional skin care advice, ingredients that are skin safe, natural and gentle and all their range is cruelty free.  They really do tick all my boxes for a skin care company – and they are a New Zealand business too.

I have no connection or affiliation with Oasis Beauty, and although the samples were received for free, this was not related to the blog and Oasis were not aware that I would review their products.  



Beauty and Fashion Bargains This Week (7th July 2014)

Who doesn’t love a good bargain on nail polish? Although I have tons of them, I can never seem to get enough.

NZSale are having a $9 OPI sale that ends tomorrow night – loads of gorgeous colours at a great price! Quite a few have sold out already, which is a shame, but there’s still lots of good choices left. Unfortunately they don’t offer very clear pictures, but my picks of whats left would be:

Romeo and Joilet by OPI

Romeo and Joilet by OPI

I'm Not Really A Waitress by OPI

I’m Not Really A Waitress by OPI

Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not by OPI

Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not by OPI

NZSale are also having a clearance on NYX Cosmetics and loads of high-end brands too. I’ve kept my eye on this site for a long time now, but haven’t yet purchased, so I can’t guarantee that their products are genuine or fresh – I would be interested to hear about other people’s purchasing experiences from them.

The Warehouse are having a sale on LA Colours nail polish, both online and in stores. The single bottles are priced between $2-5, and they also have specials on the sets, pens, treatments, etc. I haven’t used this brand before, so I imagine it will be your standard ‘cheap and cheerful’ quality, and most colours state they are Toluene and Formaldehyde free. This special runs until 15th July 2014.

Envy by LA Girl

Envy by LA Colours

Farmers can be a fantastic source of beauty bargains, like these $1 bottles of AvoJuice hand/nail creams (30ml) available in Ginger Lily, Raspberry Violet and Grapefruit. According to their site, stock is quite limited, so get in quick!

Also, Wellington girls, get yourselves down to Mirrou this week for amazing clothing bargains. 50% off this week in their new store on Lambton Quay (in the old Supre, next to Glassons).

If you can’t resist those big makeup clearance sales, keep an eye on Big Bucket Deals to see when the next one is in your town – this week there is one in Manukau.