Welcome to The Dream Factory!

Welcome to The Dream Factory – where dreams are made, and beautiful things are shared.

I created this blog because I love finding and eyeing up gorgeous items, and people in my life frequently ask me where I source some of the unusual and exotic trinkets  I have.  Being a creative young woman, with diverse and eccentric taste, I have a tendency to seek out things that are different from the common trends. Do not use this image without express written permission I love makeup – and all cosmetic items, really! As someone who dabbles in various forms of art, makeup is like another creative tool in my life, I love experimenting and mixing, challenging the ideals of what is fashionable.  I prefer cosmetics that are skin-friendly, without harmful chemicals, if possible environmentally and animal-friendly too.  Sometimes,  I will compromise on this – I am human, not a saint (and would never want to be one!).  I also vote with my wallet when it comes to the ethics of companies, and you may notice there are certain companies that I absolutely refuse to support or promote.

From time to time, I may talk about fashion and clothes, art and artists, and possibly even reviews of candy – these are all things that add joy and beauty into my life, simple pleasures that always bring a smile to my face.


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