Sorbet Sample Packs – Available today!

Ahhhhggghh! Sincere apologies for being so slow off the mark with this, but Sorbets July Sample pack is out now – and today only!

Anyway, if you’ve snoozed and losed (yes I know that’s not a real word but it sounded good in my head) this month, or if Thursday’s payday still seems a long way off, don’t worry – they will be available on the 1st day of each month.  You get 5 assorted, heart shaped bars of solid shampoo, each designed to last over a week. Priced at just $20, with free shipping, this is the perfect way to get introduced to Sorbets excellent and unique range.



Also, if you like to tan (which seems to be just about everyone besides myself),  sign up for the chance to trial their new tanning bar. Although I’m personally not the target audience for this, I think this is such an innovative and cool idea, I’m really interested to hear what it’s like.

By the way, did I mention they are a NZ company with great ethics? Their products are free of chemical shit, are genuinely cruelty-free, and even have dissolvable packaging.  Awesome.

I am in no way affiliated with Sorbet but have been a fan and supporter since their earliest days – I do not receive any compensation for promoting their products.



Currently Crushing On… – #1

Going to kick things off on here with a simple and sweet post, just a few featured cosmetic items I am lusting over right now.

I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies, and am not receiving any compensation for this post (unless any of my friends or family read this and decide to buy me something… kidding!). 😉

Decisive By LUSH

Decisive By LUSH

This is ‘Decisive’ by Lush (who have great ethics and lovely stores to shop in!), a lip colour/blush.  I love the bold redness of this colour, although the unusual bottle/brush application looks harder to use than a regular lipstick.

While we’re on the topic of LUSH, I think this must be the most divine smelling product on Earth:

Soft Coeur Massage Bar from LUSH

Soft Coeur Massage Bar from LUSH

If the idea of lying quiet and still for a massage is as unappealing to you as it is to me, the good news is you can use it on yourself as a moisturizing body bar too, so no need to keep calm and smell the roses, if that’s not you.

New Zealand’s own indie brand BANG Cosmetics have just released a to die for collection of new lip colours – the hard part is just choosing one!

New Lipsticks by BANG Cosmetics

New Lipsticks by BANG Cosmetics

I love them all! You can purchase them through Etsy for $18 NZ each.


I didn’t think I believed in the concept of ‘having too many nailpolishes’, but I have to say I’m getting pretty damn close.  So although I’m not planning to buy any new nail polishes any time soon, I have to confess I often go on Candy Girl, and ogle their range of polishes as if they were Jax Teller shirtless.  They are one of the few places here that stock ‘Picture Polish‘, as well as offering genuine OPI, Zoya, and other quality brands at good prices.


Gracie Lou have now brought ‘SweetPea and Fay’ to New Zealand – thank you! Currently on special for less than $10 NZ a tube, which is a total bargain.  I’m quite intrigued by their colours, in particular the black shade, Ominous, and Musidora, pictured below.

Musidora by SweetPea and Fay, available from GracieLou

Musidora by SweetPea and Fay, available from GracieLou

AND – how freaking-fucking-gorgeous is Dolly Potion, by Wild Candy, also available from Gracie Lou?

Dolly Potion lipstick by Wild Candy

Dolly Potion lipstick by Wild Candy

I LOVE this company – they are NZ based (products manufactured in the US), paraben free and cruelty-free. Go give them lots of love!

I’m also loving the look of the new household cleaning products from Sorbet (who make amazing solid shampoos, and other bath and body goodies ). Check out the aptly-named Bog Bombs and the Flash! Solid Laundry Bar, both priced cheap enough to try out, at under $10 NZ each.  I’m holding off on buying them this month, as am thinking of buying the promotional pack from Ecostore this month (get in quick, closes on the 30th June) – $54 worth of amazing product for just $25, and free delivery. I LOVE Ecostore (although I still don’t enjoy cleaning, haha).

And the fabulous artisan perfume makers at Wild Hybrid have free shipping for June (not much of the month left, so don’t spend too long deciding what you want!) Coupon code: JUNESHIP.  The ‘5 samples for $12’ packs are highly recommended as a good way to try a few different scents. My personal favourite is “Purple Cream”.  I am also excited to hear about new Spring Limited Editions coming out in July.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any products you think I should feature or know about !


Welcome to The Dream Factory!

Welcome to The Dream Factory – where dreams are made, and beautiful things are shared.

I created this blog because I love finding and eyeing up gorgeous items, and people in my life frequently ask me where I source some of the unusual and exotic trinkets  I have.  Being a creative young woman, with diverse and eccentric taste, I have a tendency to seek out things that are different from the common trends. Do not use this image without express written permission I love makeup – and all cosmetic items, really! As someone who dabbles in various forms of art, makeup is like another creative tool in my life, I love experimenting and mixing, challenging the ideals of what is fashionable.  I prefer cosmetics that are skin-friendly, without harmful chemicals, if possible environmentally and animal-friendly too.  Sometimes,  I will compromise on this – I am human, not a saint (and would never want to be one!).  I also vote with my wallet when it comes to the ethics of companies, and you may notice there are certain companies that I absolutely refuse to support or promote.

From time to time, I may talk about fashion and clothes, art and artists, and possibly even reviews of candy – these are all things that add joy and beauty into my life, simple pleasures that always bring a smile to my face.