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Haul from Giant Chemist (Pacific Fair, Gold Coast)

OK, here it is, my final holiday haul post! I hope these have been relevant and interesting, I know most of this stuff is available in New Zealand, and also it may be of use to my international readers too.

Next up, I’ll be doing some small Black Friday hauls and I have something up my sleeve to reveal soon, I promise. Being so sick set me back a bit, but hey, I get knocked down, I get back up again – I’m fine now and ready to bounce back better than ever.


Garnier Micellar Wipes 25 pack

$3.95 AUS New Zealand RRP $8.99

After buying those horrible Biore ones (which I confess, I got used to them and have been using them up), I wanted to find something nicer and gentle, without breaking the bank. I’m late to the party with micellar water, its something I’ve wanted to try for a long time, so when I saw these for less than half retail price, I snapped them up. I’m glad I did, they were efficient at removing makeup, but gentle enough for my genuinely sensitive skin. I’d used ‘gentle Garnier wipes’ before and they were horrendous, so I took a bit of a gamble here but it paid off.

Would I buy again or recommend? Yes, and you can get them at places like The Warehouse and supermarkets so they are readily available here.


MODE Lipstick  – Daredevil

$2.95 AUS  New Zealand RRP $5

I’ve wanted to try this shade before, since its been around in New Zealand for ages, but for some reason it can be really hard to find one in stock thats unopened. I don’t know what it is about that shade! Trust me, I worked in a store with a MODE display stand and it was always that damned colour that people would open and mess up. Or just straight up steal. Australia was no different, they only had two or three, and the one I bought was the only unopened one, lucky me. This is a lovely vampy purple, reminds me of the very old Australis lipstick I just chucked out (‘Xpose’), or their current shade ‘Grunge’.

The formula is pretty average, and if you’re able to spare the extra money to buy Australis or another brand, I’d say do it.

Would I buy again or recommend? Yes, as long as you know what to expect, you aren’t going to get a M.A.C performance out of a $3 lipstick! This would be a perfect way to try out dark shades if you aren’t used to them. The only thing that pisses me off is these days you wear these colours and people call it your “Lorde look”. It’s like, um not, Lorde wears the “Artemis Look”. 😉   /s


Starfire in action …sorry for the terrible photos


LA Colors Lipsticks in Starfire and Jazzy Red

$2.95 AUS each New Zealand RRP $5

LA Colors are available from The Warehouse, usually from about $5 a piece, but I searched online and they didn’t appear to have either of these colours – I’ve never seen them before! For $2.95, I figured I’d snap them up. Both were pretty average formulas, the Starfire one wasn’t unsimilar to the Jordana Bronze I picked up the other month. I was hoping Jazzy Red, when worn with M.A.C ‘Burgundy’ lip pencil, would be the dark vampy red I’ve been dreaming of. It’s OK but far from being that. In retrospect, I should have saved my money on that one, I have enough ‘average’ reds. I have to admit though, it didn’t ‘bleed’ on me like reds usually do, so that’s a big plus.

Would I buy again or recommend? Both were fine, for $3 lipsticks. I wouldn’t highly recommend, if you have similar ones in your collection, don’t bother. If you find them easily, at a cheap price, and don’t have anything similar, then you may want to consider them.

I also visited Giant Chemist at Harbourtown and purchased Almay Eye Makeup Removing Pads (80 pack) for just $4.99 AUS, and I will be reviewing them on here later for you.

This post contains no sponsored material and I am not affiliated with any brands or stores mentioned.

Cosmetics Plus Haul (Robina, Gold Coast)

Here we have yet another holiday haul post, I swear I’m just about finished with these now! This was an exciting haul as I managed to pick up a replacement for one of my all time favourite eyeshadow quads, Revlons ‘Copper Crayon’ (now known as ‘Copper Canyon’), although sadly it has changed a bit in the 8 years or so since I got my last one.


The New Copper Canyon quad


The old ‘Copper Crayon’ quad


Copper Crayon vs Copper Canyon comparision


Copper Crayon vs Copper Canyon (back of quad)


Top = Old ‘Copper Crayon’ swatches Bottom = New ‘Copper Canyon’ swatches

Revlon Illuminance Cream Eyeshadow Quad – Copper Canyon $9.95 AUS

As I’ve said many times on here, I very rarely buy the same thing twice. However ‘Copper Canyon’ has been my go-to shadow for a long time, I find it flattering, easy to wear and apply, and always makes me look good even when I’m in a massive hurry. I’ve owned my original palette for close to 8 years now, so I’m scraping the bottom of the pan on two colours, and I think it’s time for a replacement now.

Unfortunately this was discontinued long ago, so I was delighted to find a replacement at Cosmetics Plus, and $9.95 wasn’t a bad price to pay. I’m not sure how fresh their stock will be, given that it hasn’t been manufactured in years, but its unopened and seems OK.

Would I buy again/recommend? YES! YES! YES! I also picked up ‘Eternal Summer’ for $3 at a different store, and I’ve been wearing the crap out of it lately, love it to bits.

BYS Nail Polish Remover 50 Pads (Peach) $2.95 AUS

I needed cheap nail polish removing pads while on holiday, and these were nicer than I expected with a light peach fragrance. Being a thin material, I needed to use quite a few to remove layers of dark polish but I was happy with them.

Would I buy again/recommend? Yeah if you just want a cheap, basic nail polish remover, they’re nothing special or amazing.



Fantasy Makers R.I.P Nail Polish “Once Upon A Time” $3.95 AUS

While I’m a sucker for admiring quirky or cool packaging, I’m strict on myself to not buy things just for the packaging appeal. I’ve eyed up the Fantasy Makers (by Wet n Wild) range online for quite a few years now, and I was lucky enough to find them while on holiday. I promised myself I wouldn’t buy one unless I genuinely loved it, but managed to find a shade I liked that’s also a bit unique to my collection (how often do you walk out of a shop with yet another dupe of colours you already own?!). I’ve always loved red glitter layered over black, so this ticked my boxes, offering two in one. The polish contains small and large red glitter particles, in a sheer black base. To be honest, it’s too sheer for my liking, and I strongly recommend a black base coat first. Even with three layers, you can still clearly see the nail underneath.

Would I buy again/recommend? Yes, and I wish I’d bought others in the range but I already had similar colours.

Fantasy Makers Lip Gloss “Wicked Witch” $2.95 AUS

This is a pretty, sheer black lipgloss with lots of glitter that is wearable all year round (depending on your style, of course). Now that ‘weird’ lip colours are becoming more common, theres no need to leave this just for Halloween. Looks great layered over lipstick!

Would I buy again/recommend? Yes. They had a red and a clear one too, but this was the stand-out one for me.


Ciate Nail Polish “Heirloom” $9.95 AUS

This colour is so unusual and gorgeous! Its a duochrome, red and gold with a lot going on in it, very complex and different. I needed three coats to achieve a good opacity, as it is very sheer, but the colour is incredible once you manage to build it up.

Would I buy again/recommend? Yes, if you can find it and especially if you get a good deal.

Just about caught up on my holiday purchases now, then hopefully I’ll have some Black Friday hauls in the not too distant future…plus hopefully can reveal something I’ve been working on!

I am not affiliated with any brands or stores mentioned in this post, and did not receive any compensation for writing this piece. 

My First Essence Haul!

For a long time now, I’ve been hearing about the brand Essence, which is still fairly new to New Zealand. With the entire range costing between $2.25 NZ – $10, this affordable brand has won the hearts of bloggers and beauty lovers alike – who can’t resist trying new products when they cost less than a cup of coffee?!

I first tried an Essence mascara from Price Wise Direct and reviewed it in August on here. Since then, I’ve been itching to try the rest of the range, and was lucky enough to be gifted a haul. Now, when I say gifted on here, please note I do mean a gift and not a PR sample, I believe in completely honest disclosure. My mum happened to have a Farmers Beauty Club voucher that was expiring, and very kindly picked up a few items for me since we don’t have Essence here yet. Recently I’ve seen atleast one popular blogger claim obvious PR samples as “gifts” and I think this is a very dishonest practice. A gift wants and expects nothing in return, and is not done for commercial purpose.

Anyway, with that said, onto the haul!


Nail Oil $4.60

The one I bought no longer seems to be on their site, I think its the older version of this.

Would I buy again or recommend? Yes, it was a very reasonable price too. I did find it quite oily (surprise, surprise, an oil being oily) and it took awhile to dry into my nails, but it wasn’t unpleasant to use. If this version isn’t available any more, I’m sure the new one will also be good, I would definitely give that a try next.


Wonderfuel Nail Polish $3.60

Would I buy again or recommend? I would, especially at that price! Two coats gave a decent coverage, a lovely shade of duochromed ‘blurple’ (blue-purple).

Do You Speak Love? Nail Polish $3.60

Would I buy again or recommend? Yes! This is a gorgeous deep red, reminding me of Revlons “Raven Red” which is now discontinued and my bottle is long finished. AND this is only a mere fraction of the price of Revlon!


Nail Correcting Pen $5.90

Would I buy again or recommend? Not too sure, to be honest. I don’t use products like this much and although its useful and seems to work well, it hasn’t quite won me over yet. The fact that it was simple enough for my young nieces to use quite easily is definitely a plus, and I can see this being useful with my lack of co-ordination/rushed manicures. Slightly more expensive than much of the Essence range, but you could hardly call it dear!

Apricotta Eyeshadow $3.60 (no photo, sorry)

Would I buy again or recommend? Yes for that price. The pigmentation wasn’t as great as I expected, but its an easily wearable colour for a low maintenance look.


All I Need Eyeshadow $3.60

Would I buy again or recommend? Same as my opinion of Apricotta, but yes, yes I would.

Bonus shot! Nails of the day featuring "Do You Speak Love?"

Bonus shot! Nails of the day featuring “Do You Speak Love?”

This post contains no sponsored material and I am not affiliated with any brands or stores mentioned. Items were purchased using Farmers Beauty Rewards points and gifted to me. 

Cosmetics Fragrance Direct Haul (Harbourtown, Gold Coast)

Here’s another post from my Australian trip, finally catching up on things! This is my first ever scheduled post, didn’t want to spam you too much all at once.

One of the malls we went to, Harbourtown, wasn’t the best of the lot, but the Cosmetics Fragrance Direct shop had some good stuff.



Busby (B.O.N) Pure Tissue Oil 15ml travel size spray $2.50 AUS

I haven’t seen this for sale in New Zealand before, but thought it looked good, with a blend of oils nourishing to the skin. This is a 15ml spray, perfect for travel, especially if you are prone to dry skin like I am. It doesn’t have a particularly strong scent, and blends into the skin nicely, doesn’t feel too oily or greasy.

Their official description:

A unique blend of avocado, rose-hip and grape seed oil formulated for the face and body.  Clinically proven to improve skin elasticity and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

No parabens, petroleum-based (mineral oil) products, gluten, or animal testing. Just pure goodness.

Would I buy again or recommend? Yes, if you can find it! It might sound small, but its not a bad size for that price.


Evodia Lemon Sorbet Lipbalm $5 AUS

Cosmetics Fragrance Direct claimed this is worth $11.99, so I’m a little disappointed to see it listed on the Evodia Australian site at $5.99. Anyway, I needed a lipbalm and wanted a fairly natural one, while I wait to get a new Coffin Kisser from Notoriously Morbid. This felt soft and smooth to apply, and kept my lips moist from the harsh Gold Coast sun, and had a strong lemon fragrance, a sweet, artificial one.

Would I buy again or recommend? Eh. You could do better, or worse. Personally I wouldn’t repurchase for myself though.


Revlon Illuminance Cream Eyeshadow Quad “Eternal Summer” $3 AUS

I have been a huge fan of these since first using them 14 years ago, and Copper Canyon is my go-to shade. I was pleased to find them here, especially at such a cheap price, and this quad had a lovely range of colours. There are a few different types of Illuminance Quad, and this particular shade had a mirror included…which meant the eyeshadows don’t fill it as deeply as you would think! Really wish I’d picked up two, at this price. The colours are gorgeous, but not as pigmented as I remembered them being, so I tend to gouge pretty deep into mine. I’ve always been a fan of this formula, my all time favourite cream eyeshadow.

Would I buy again or recommend? At this price, I’d buy 5! And would highly recommend. I’d even be tempted to pay full price, even though its on my upper end of my price range right now.

This post contains no sponsored material and I am not affiliated with any brands or stores mentioned.

K-Mart Haul (Southport, Gold Coast)

Recently my husband, baby and I took a trip to the Gold Coast with my in-laws, which was pretty cool.

I’ve been very sick lately and haven’t been able to post my hauls and reviews from the trip, so I am slowly catching up on things now, and have much to share. The dollar seemed pretty good, got tons of beauty bargains!


Argan Hair Treatment $2 AUS

When it comes to hair, I tend to splurge more than I would in other areas, due to having difficult, high maintenance hair. However, I can never go past a bargain, and in my recent trip to Australia, I picked up a 200ml pouch of this treatment for just $2. After being sick for ages recently, my hair had turned to crap, so I thought I’d pull this out and give it a try, as my hair was even more knotty, frizzy and dry than usual. I applied it very thickly since I have so much hair, after shampooing, and let it sink then. I then rinsed it out and wow, was I impressed at how much difference one application made. My hair was more manageable, less knotty and smoother, it felt great! The smell is pretty generic, and it is far from being a luxury product, but it does the job.

Would I buy again or recommend? Yes. It’s not a substitute for high end products but offers such good value at that price, I wish I’d bought more.


Vanilla Orchid Perfume Spray $3 AUS

Made especially for KMart Australia, no branding on it. This is stronger than I expected for a cheap perfume, but not unpleasant. Definitely much heavier than the Impulse ‘Vanilla Kisses’ I’m trying to replace, and I wouldn’t say I smell orchid notes either, but for the price it was worth it. I sprayed a small amount on my clothes and another small spray on my skin, and it lasted a few hours before fading away. It isn’t a “cheap and nasty” or an overpowering scent, and if all else fails and you really don’t like it, do what I do with scents I can’t/won’t use and put it in the toilet.

I would say be careful if you do use it as a purse spray as it looks like it would break very easily, and would absolutely ruin your bag. Too much of this perfume would go a loooong way.

Would I buy again or recommend? Yes, I wouldn’t spend a lot on it, but $3 AUS was reasonable.

Peach Body Mist $4 AUS

This is a light, pretty scent, perfect for summer especially if you love fruity smells. You WILL smell like peach! The smell doesn’t last long, but it gives a refreshing spritz which works well on skin or clothing. I might keep this in the fridge in summer and use as a cooling spray too.

Like the vanilla spray, this was manufactured for K-Mart, and not available elsewhere.

Would I buy again or recommend?  Yes! 🙂 I liked this better than the Vanilla one, and it was good value for money, getting a huge 200ml bottle for $4 AUS, will last me for ages.

All items were purchased with my own money, and no compensation was given for this post. I am not affiliated with any brands or stores mentioned, and all opinions are honest and my own.

All I Want for Halloween Is…

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I have been very sick with a viral bug, spent a week in bed and a whole day doing nothing but throwing up, it was awful. I am still in the process of recovering, so please bear with me, I have lots to post but I’m a bit slow right now.


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